Lush’s New shampoo bar re-launching to support #BeCrueltyFree campaign

Lush’s New shampoo bar re-launching to support #BeCrueltyFree campaign

Lush is re-launching its global best-selling New shampoo bar (£5.95) to encourage consumers to get behind Humane Society International’s global campaign to ban cosmetic animal testing and trade by signing their petition at

The revamped New shampoo bar is now adorned with the charity’s Be Cruelty Free message in both English and simplified Chinese (as a #hashtag and a Weibo #topic#) – the two most commonly used languages on social media – and will roll out globally from January.

More than one million people worldwide have signed #BeCrueltyFree petitions calling on their governments to ban cruel cosmetics. In conjunction with intensive political lobbying and public campaigning by HSI and others, this pressure has so far driven 36 countries or regions around the world to introduce animal testing or sales bans in their cosmetics laws – including the European Union, Israel, India, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan and most recently Switzerland.

New shampoo bar is a solid bar with cinnamon, clove and peppermint to stimulate your scalp. Cinnamon leaf, bay and clove bud essential oils combine with peppermint to boost blood flow, stimulating the hair follicles. An infusion of nettle and peppermint helps to stimulate the scalp and promote healthy hair. Rosemary soothes, calms your scalp and adds a glorious shine to your hair.

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