Are we all Bearded Out?

Are we all Bearded Out?

Short or long, black, white, red, brown or blonde, beards are still the gentleman’s ‘it’ accessory for Winter 2017 writes Clare Maguire.

People have long predicted the demise of the facial fashion but like any other trend, adaptations of the facial hair style keep growing. The popularity of beards has led to a huge growth in beard care products – I mean what self-respecting guy doesn’t have at least three different types of beard oil in his bathroom cabinet?  And that’s just the home treatments, with over 100 Barbers now in Birmingham alone; many of them offering everything from beard massages to trimming, styling and sculpting, it’s safe to say that being bushy is big business.

Is the end nigh? Are we all bearded out? Well the experts seem to think so – beard trend expert and medical historian Alun Whitley, who studied the trend for three years, stated beards were on their way out thanks to a rise of ‘young, urban creatives’, who prefer a smoother face yet it’s exactly these guys that are sticking with their scruff.

So what is it about a bit of facial fur that is so appealing to all you guys? Flick on the TV and it’s beard central. From uber macho Game of Thrones medieval style manliness to celebs and sporting heroes everyone has a beard and, to be fair, look a hell of a lot hotter for it – well on the whole anyway – Simon Cowell and Graham Norton you ‘re pushing your luck a little. Even Royalty are sporting the scruff – a ginger beard used to be the opposite of style but wowsers now it’s sexy as!

Beard Care Kit, 12, Superdrug

Beards are so much of the norm now how do you keep it cool and stand out from the crowd? With Christmas round the corner you can always opt for a beard bauble or two or how about glamming up your groom with a spot of glitter? For those less experimental, it’s more about the grooming of the beard itself. Moisturise and trim – if it’s getting too long you’ll look more trampy than trendy so make sure you maintain- no matter what the length.

Struggling to get more than wisp on that chinny chin chin? Although growing a beard is a biological process, for some men growing a beard can be problematic. Fear not though as a little bit of sculpted stubble goes a long way and it’s a good middle ground between beardy babe and hairless hero.

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