Achieve a #NoFilterNecessary Look with YuGen

Achieve a #NoFilterNecessary Look with YuGen

Achieve your best real you without the help of Instagram and Snapchat filters with YUGEN, which has just launched in Birmingham.

Sure, its’ a clinic that offers the standard fillers and injectables, but it’s so much more – and you need to know about it, as it is taking the Midlands ’cosmetic surgery industry and shaking it up by bringing a more holistic, but highly qualified G P-led approach to non-surgical cosmetics, skin corrections and wellness. With their help, you can be your best you with #nofilternecessary

Who is Dr Jane Holloran?

Well firstly I’m a highly qualified GP, with over 20 years’ experience.

What made you get into Aesthetics?

I decided to utilise my skills in the Aesthetic field, as I realised that I was very passionate about this arena and I was talented in improving the appearance of facial defects and scarring using simple, non-surgical techniques. I still work as a GP, but have also launched YUGEN, a dedicated clinic that incorporates my skills with some of the most innovative treatments, products and machines within the Aesthetic and medical industry such as Coolsculpting®, Laser and nonsurgical aesthetic treatments.

Tell us about YUGEN, how would you describe the clinic/services?

YUGEN is an important concept of Japanese aesthetics. The exact translation of the word depends on the context, but in this case, it means an ‘awareness of the universe that triggers emotional responses too deep and mysterious for words’.

Our aim is to make you fee l beautiful from the inside out and feel comfortable in your own skin. Our approach is not about beauty, but about confidence in your own skin. Confidence is the key to beauty and we actively encourage patients to make the best of their own features rather than slavishly follow any celebrity trends. Its’ about dealing with those areas that make you feel insecure and helping you become the best you.

The Edgbaston clinic is situated in a very convenient location within the Medical district of Birmingham and just minutes from the city centre. We appreciate that everyone has busy schedules, so we are really flexible offering late evenings, weekend and out of hour appointments by special arrangement.

What advice would you give someone considering cosmetic work?

Well, at YUGEN, we are different because we try to understand the patient before embarking on a treatment plan. The first thing to do is get in touch for a consultation. I may be a doctor, but I’m human too and have my own insecurities about my body, face, skin and the ageing process. I know what its’ like to have a ‘fat’ or ‘bad hair’ day, so I know how important it is not to make drastic decisions on a day when the world appears to be falling apart.

Together, we can go through your requirements and what can and cannot be achieved, so that we build a complete treatment plan for you. The journey to being the best you starts here.

YUGEN, Highfield House, 2 Highfield Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham. B15 3ED.

Tel 0121 455 6974 or visit them online at

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