10 Beauty tips for surviving a long-haul flight

10 Beauty tips for surviving a long-haul flight

Avoiding the plane food, drinking half a litre of water every hour and spritzing a dewy skin mist over your face are just some of the best beauty tips for surviving a long-haul flight.

Online hair and beauty retailer Hairtrade.com have compiled a list of the top ways you can keep your skin hydrated, dewy and glowing even whilst being up in the air.

Joanne Dodds from Hairtrade.com said: “Summer holiday season is officially here, and whilst we all look forward to jetting off, most of us beauty lovers will dread the long-haul flight. These little handy tips will help you feel refreshed, gorgeous and ready to take on your holiday.”


These are the best beauty tips for surviving a long-haul flight:

  1. Pack some face and eye masksYour skin will get very little oxygen during flight time. To keep your skin hydrated, moisturised and brightened, wear a face or eye mask.  Make yourself comfy and apply it whilst on-board to help keep your skin looking and feeling refreshed.
  2.   Keep skin hydrated
    Long-haul flights are the ultimate skin dehydrators, so it’s important to keep drinking plenty of water. Aim to drink at least half a litre every hour of the flight. Coconut water is also great to drink on-board, as it’s rich in vitamins and contains electrolytes, which are very hydrating.
  3.  Avoid the plane food
    Processed foods, microwaved airline food and things like crisps and pretzels should always be avoided on aeroplanes. These contain high amounts of sodium which can cause bloating. Try and eat some water based fruits and vegetables (like carrot sticks, cucumber or celery). These will help maintain hydration.
  4. Wear a face cream
    If you have dry skin already, chances are that the aeroplane will dry out your skin even more. This can end up making your skin extra flaky or can cause spots. To avoid this, make sure you apply a lot of face cream. Face cream is a better choice to use over moisturiser, as it’s thicker and more hydrating when applied to the skin.
  5. Spritz a dewy skin mist over your face
    The plane can get very stuffy at times, so bring a refreshing facial mist to spritz yourself with. This will keep your skin feeling hydrated and will maintain the moisture balance.
  6. Don’t wear makeup
    Always try to avoid wearing makeup on flights. But if you want to look gorgeous when you take off and land, remove your makeup during take-off and reapply 40 minutes before you land.
  7. Pack the essentials
    It’s always important to pack the essentials like a travel-sized hand sanitizer, some facial wipes and a mini bottle of toner.
    Clean hands are a must so make sure you are regularly sanitizing. Facial wipes are also great if you’re planning on removing your makeup just after take-off, or if you just want to give your face a little refresh. After taking off your makeup with a wipe, always apply the toner. A mini toner is great to apply to your skin with a cotton pad to keep spots at bay whilst on the flight. Toner helps to take off any chemical irritants like fragrance which have been left over from the face wipe.
  8. Avoid waterproof makeup
    If you are going to wear makeup on the plane, always avoid using waterproof products. These can be really drying when you’re in the air. Waterproof mascara will leave your lashes feeling extra dry.
  9. Tame the static hair
    Two good tricks to tame humid and static hair whilst flying is to either add hair oil or serum to the tips of your hair or rub a drop of water through the roots.
  10. Get some sleep
    The best way to survive that long-haul flight and feel fresh when you land, is to get plenty of beauty sleep. Make sure you pack the essentials to help you feel comfortable, such as a pillow, comfy flight socks, a blanket and a sleeping mask.
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