Feeling Lush And Support Cruelty Free.

Lush encourage us to think more about cruelty free beauty.

Each year around the world an estimated 500,000 animals suffer and die in cruel and out-dated cosmetic safety tests which is why Lush is encouraging us all to get behind Humane Society International’s global campaign to ban cosmetic animal testing and trade by signing their petition at www.endanimaltesting.org

As part of this, they’re re-launching their best-selling shampoo bar adorned with the charity’s Be Cruelty Free message in both English and simplified Chinese (as a #hashtag and a Weibo #topic#) – the two most commonly used languages on social media with the idea being that the cruelty free message can spread around the world.

No products or their ingredients at Lush are ever tested on animals so it’s great place to shop if you want to be sure you’re
being cruelty free. How lush is that!

The bar costs just £5.95 from all Lush stores.