Instagram Chef Shares His Top Grooming Tips

There’s no need to spend a fortune on hundreds of different products or spend hours in the bathroom to look your best.

Model turned chef, Isaac Carew shares his top tips for keeping his skin and hair looking its best all year round:

    • Water, water, water! I drink so much every day, probably five to six litres a day. It does wonders, not only for your body and skin but also your mind
    • Avoid using hair spray – it’s sticky, bad for your hair, doesn’t give the desired look and is also bad for your lungs! I use a clay/paste from label.m instead to keep my hair in shape.
    • I get my hair cut every two –three weeks to keep it looking fresh.

  • It sounds obvious but fresh fruit and vegetables are important for keeping nourished. Don’t get me wrong, I love my burgers, waffles and wings. On the other hand, I have to balance this out with good nutrition, to keep me feeling and looking good.
  • Take up a fitness activity that you actually enjoy. You can incorporate it into your daily life – I love boxing, swimming and cycling. I used to like running but am bored of it now so don’t end up doing it.

Food & Drink
  • There is no need to splurge on lots of different kitchen knives, you only need one or two. Invest in one good paring knife and a chef’s knife, keep them sharp and they will take you a long way.
  • Never put your kitchen knives in the dishwasher as the detergent and heat is abrasive and take the sharp edge off your knife
  • Use your hands more! Try and season with your fingers rather than using measuring spoons. It’s my secret trick to avoid over-seasoning.
  • Always peel ginger with a spoon. You’d be surprised how much ginger you waste when you try and peel a ginger with a knife, or a peeler so save more of your ginger.
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