The Potions That Prove Beauty Comes From Within

The Potions That Prove Beauty Comes From Within

With a background working with luxury brands, Solihull-born Alexa Mullane was certainly well
placed to launch her own exclusive supplements range. She talks to LISA PIDDINGTON about her
new range.
Working with some of the biggest names in beauty meant Alexa Mullane knew more than most about
the industry. Ten years in marketing with the likes of Harvey Nichols, Crème de la Mer and Chanel eyewear not only gave her a rare insight into luxury markets but also the passion to eventually launch her own brand.

And less than a year after creating Potion London, the former Solihull Sixth Form College student is celebrating seeing her wellbeing beauty products filling the shelves at Harvey Nichols stores throughou t
the UK.

“I had some amazing experiences working in marketing,” explains Alexa, aged 34. “But I wanted
to launch my own company, and because I had a personal interest in both beauty and nutrition it made
sense to combine my interests.”

Potion London offers a range of scientifically formulated supplements that promote beauty from the
inside out. “The saying ‘you are what you eat’ always made sense to me so I wanted to create a complete wellness brand that helped address a whole range of concerns, rather than just have a focus on beauty,”
she says.

“I believe it is important to get all of your nutrients from food, but in reality with our busy lifestyles and love of processed meals it can be hard to achieve this, so food supplements can help fill in the gaps and by supplementing a healthy diet we ensure we get what
we need on a daily basis.

“The body needs nutrients in specific combinations and ratios in order to be absorbed and used properly
in the body. For example, if you take calcium, your body also needs magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin
K to help you absorb and use the calcium. A lot of food supplements don’t address this and it can be a headache to work out exactly what you need. I wanted to offer products that can be taken alone with
confidence that it’s exactly what the body needs.

“There are also some things that are very difficult to get from food alone. OK, so you can get collagen
from bone broth but you would have to eat a lot of it every day to get enough to make a difference to your skin. Research shows that collagen can help reduce wrinkles, increase elasticity and increase skin hydration, so for people who want to see these benefits it can be useful for them to take it in the form
of a food supplement.”
The Potion London supplements range is available at Beyond Beauty in Harvey Nichols Birmingham, and prices start from £25.

“The products are so different and serve different needs: the Bone Formula, for example, is great for people with a dairy intolerance who might not get enough calcium from their diet; while the Hyaluronic Complex is good for people with dry skin conditions, joint problems and dry eyes. But if I could only pick three to take to a desert island it would be the Collagen Boost, as it gives my skin a noticeable glow and makes it super smooth; the Probiotic which is fantastic for gut health, having a positive knock-on effect
on skin health, mental health and allergies; and Eat Your Greens, which is a whole-food formula providing seven vegetables

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