7 Birmingham Pizza Places You Have to Try

Deep pan, thin crust, pineapple, no pineapple – there’s nothing in the world quite as personal as pizza. But with the vast selection of doughy goodness available in Brum, you’re guaranteed to find something that’ll wet your whistle.

Fogo Bar

Wood oven baked pizza, Italian wines and Italian beers all contribute to the authentic Italian dining experience you’ll receive at Fogo bar. Open for lunch and dinner, all dishes are inspired by traditional Italian cooking. To find out more and to book a table, visit fogokitchen.com/


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“Blast it at 500 degrees for 90 seconds” is this restaurant’s motto. With their main menu exclusively serving up wood-fired pizza, it’s safe to say the guys at Otto are more than experts in the Italian cuisine. Browse their menu here.

The birmingham stable

If you thought pineapple on pizza was wrong, you might want to take a seat before reading The Stable’s pizza menu. Try their ‘Duck Norris’ pizza which features hoisin duck, edamame beans, roasted plums and mozzarella. Head down on a Tuesday to get any pizza plus a pint for just £10. Visit birmingham.stablepizza.com/menu/ to explore  the menu.


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Ristorante caffe gustami

This family-headed restaurant, hailing from Bologna, specialise in egg pasta dishes, but don’t let that stop you giving their home made, wood-fired pizza a try. For the sweettooths amongst us, they even have a Nutella pizza for you to try. Visit www.ristorantecaffegustami.uk/ to see what they have on offer.

alicia’s micro bakehouse

What started off as a sourdough bakery has swiftly become a much-loved pizzeria, with chefs at Alicia’s avoiding additives and instead favouring ‘time’ as a natural improver for their dough.  They have 20 pizzas to choose from, and kids can enjoy a pizza and a bowl of gelato for just £5. Visit www.aliciasmicrobakehouse.co.uk/ to read the Alicia’s story.


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Mr Singh’s

The vegetarian heaven. Mr Singh’s all-vegetarian menu has a huge range of pizzas as well as other meat-free bites. Prices start at just £3.49 and there are plenty of vegan options available, too. Take a look at the menu here.


Located in the heard of Birmingham’s Grand Central, you can choose from one of @pizza’s classic flavours or you can design your own. There are millions of combinations to choose from (quite literally) and the good news is that the £9.95 pricetag stays the same regardless of how many toppings you add. Click here to pick out your combination.


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