First Of Its Kind, DJ Growth Conference Comes To Birmingham.

First Of It's Kind, DJ Growth Conference Comes To Birmingham.

DJ Growth Conference debuts in Birmingham on Saturday 8th December 2018 at the Birmingham Midland Institute. The conference pulls together a wealth of industry knowledge and experience with some legendary figureheads within the Electronic Music industry taking part to deliver keynote sessions. The speakers will discuss key topics like starting out life as a DJ in the music industry, whilst offering insight into their careers and how they’ve made it to where they are today.

The conference, curated by DJ Growth Lab founder and industry figurehead Danny Savage, will provide a platform to learn from some of the finest thinkers within electronic music; experienced leaders within the industry whom have been there, done that and most definitely worn the t-shirt along the way (Emphasis mainly on Brandon Block here!). The speakers offer a range of experience and varying services that are essential to make head way as a performing artist within electronic music. DJ Growth Conference will serve as an exemplary platform to engage, learn and connect with some of the industries’ finest, whilst network and collaborate with fellow peers all under one roof.

If you’re looking to learn and engage within the electronic music industry, then DJ Growth Conference needs to be your first port of call.




A World Leading DJ, Producer, Label Owner and Radio host . Roger is also the co-owner of DJ Growth Lab with Danny Savage.


International DJ and chart topping producer, Colin Barratt has now moved into coaching and teaching music production.


International DJ and goal mapping consultant. Brandon now teaches and speaks on stage to help DJs achieve their goals.


Owner and founder of Data Transmission, one of the world’s leading content creators for the electronic music industry.


Photographer for the world’s leading DJs. Luke has become an expert in helping DJs create their EPK’s (Press Kit).


Bradley Gunn Raver travels around the world to dance at events. Bradley chooses to do this sober out of personal preference and also has Aspergers.


Nat is the owner of On-Air Radio, Motivational speaker and life-coach to music industry professionals.


Owner and founder of DJ Growth Lab, Danny has 12 years experience as a promoter and event manager around the world.


Music has always been a major influence in Miss Cupcake’s life. Her father was a traditional jazz aficionado, her mother was a 1950’s dance instructor and her uncle was a rock and roll DJ in 1950’s America.


Owner and founder of the infamous Rainbow Venues in Birmingham. Lee has hosted parties and festivals for over 20 years.


Currently Regional Manager at the Association For Electronic Music (AFEM) after 15 years working across the music industry from DJ, VJ, and lighting tech, to managing events and doing biz dev for international organisations. Tristan has an enthusiasm for dance music, the industry and its culture.

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