FeedTim was born out of Tim Phedon’s greatest passions: cooking and speaking languages. This blog and YouTube channel are designed to allow Tim to achieve his mission of cooking with locals, in their kitchens, around the Mediterranean. Tim grew up in Birmingham before moving to study at King’s College in London. Since graduating in 2015, Tim has since worked in London and Southern Spain, volunteered at the Olympic Games in Rio 2016 and last year moved back to Birmingham to work at performance & lifestyle PR agency Gung Ho Communications in the Jewellery Quarter.

Third generation Greek Cypriot, Tim became fascinated with hearty Cypriot village recipes as he watched his mother preparing lunch every Sunday before the family came round. This fascination grew throughout his childhood and his mother has been a real inspiration behind FeedTim. It is Tim’s way of keeping her recipes alive.

As a language grad (Spanish & Portuguese) Tim loves to speak with local people in their native language and often finds himself invited into their homes when travelling.

Tim spent 3 months working at a Spanish cookery school in Andalucía (Spain) in early 2016. This is where he realised his passion for home cooked Mediterranean food.

FeedTim goes against the clean/raw/vegan themed blogs forever growing these days. Tim is ambitious to champion authentic food that is innate to cultures around the Med.

Tim thrives on camera and wants his blog to be predominantly video based. His dream is to cook on TV and he continues to say that he wants to be the new generation of Rick Stein, Yotam Ottolenghi and Gennaro Contaldo, his three favourite chefs to watch on TV.