Magic Door Returns for its First Party of The Year in Birmingham

Magic Door is back with its first party of the year, returning to the multi-roomed Lab 11 in the heart of Birmingham’s cultural region on Friday 3rd March, with the venue’s terrace, warehouse, yard and hidden warren of spaces offering an unparalleled creative environment to party in.

2017 is a very special year for all involved as Magic Door reaches its fifth anniversary, with further very special news to be announced soon as part of the celebrations. Magic Door is a mesmerising feast for all the senses; it’s a sensorial odyssey which embodies experiential exploration, plenty of escapism and a very healthy dose of fun, all filtered through a pulsating disco and house soundtrack.

Jit Coulter-Patel, one of Magic Door’s founders, explains: “It’s quite incredible we are reaching our fifth birthday this year, as we never expected to get this far! But here we are, and all involved are incredibly proud of what has been achieved. It continues to be an absolutely crazy experience for us all, one we are further refining and enhancing for everyone this year.”

Perhaps “club night” is not doing Magic Door quite enough justice – it’s partly a show, partly an experiential journey, and oh yes – it is partly a club night, too. “We pride ourselves on how we make our venues look and feel,” Jit explains. “There are around 50 people working on each party. It’s pretty epic really, that’s including everyone from the Crafty Girls doing everyone’s makeup, to G.O.D (Guardian Of the Door for the still uninitiated), production staff in every nook and cranny, to lighting and visual technicians and lots of behind the scenes family making it come together. And we have got a team of dedicated and very talented people finding things, creating things and making things. We come up with a concept for each show, and then they build everything for it.”

Magic Door has always been about doing things just a little bit – or usually a lot – differently. The party’s foundations are now well known now, with the special guests only ever announced on the night, and the same for the eclectic, crazy and inspired themes. Previous guests have included PBR Streetgang, Waifs and Strays and Death On The Balcony, with the foundations laid by residents Maxxi Soundsystem, Jukes of Hazard and Deano Ferrino. “We want to generate some excitement again around going out,” Jit continues. “If you go to most clubs these days, you know who is playing, you know the layout of the venue, you know what to expect. There’s nothing really wrong with that, or course, it’s just that we have found an audience craving a bit more stimulation when they go out. That’s what Magic Door caters for.”

Magic Door  is on at Friday 3rd March  @ Lab 11, Trent St, Digbeth, Birmingham, B5 5NL. Tickets from: