Queer Prom makes it’s Birmingham debut

The UK’s first ever Queer Prom is coming to the iconic Nightingale Club on Friday 12th July.

The aim of Queer Prom is to give the LGBTQ+ community a chance to experience prom in their own way. This is because majority of the queer community weren’t able to have a prom experience they’ve always dreamed of due to threats of homophobia and transphobia.

The word ‘prom’ for many teenagers consists of beautiful ball-gown dresses, having a prom date and dancing with friends. However, in the queer community, trying to fit within these stereotypes can be daunting; making them feel anxious.

Previous Queer Prom attendee Nikolai spent their childhood and teenager years extremely ill, so missed out on majority of school events.

“Being non-binary and visibly disabled is hard as a teenager and I felt very self-conscious around my peers. Coming to Queer Prom allows me to be who I am without fear of ridicule or shame.”

Following a rise in hate -crime against members of the LGBTQ+ community, it’s becoming more difficult and dangerous to be queer and visible, which is why the need for safe spaces and events that celebrate the queer community are more vital than ever.

Creator of Queer Prom Vicki says: ” I decided to create Queer Prom to offer the LGBTQ+ community as a chance to experience prom as they always should have been able to and its has been magical to see people doing just that.”

“My prom night reflected my experience of school as I felt isolated and an outsider, I was pretending to be someone I wasn’t just to get by.  Even though I wore a beautiful dress and got all dolled up, but I still felt lost.”

Queer Prom has held several sold-out events in London, Brighton and Bristol for everyone, inclusive of gender, age, race or sexuality to have the chance to rewrite their prom experience without fear or discrimination.

Queer Prom will commence in Birmingham on the 12th at 7pm, which will include performers such as Jada Love, Zayn Phallic, Yshee Black and many more.

Queer Prom Birmingham: Summer Ball
Friday 12th July
Doors 7pm
Nightingale Club, Birmingham
Tickets available now from Outsavvy

Photos: Kaleido Shoots

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