We Review Birmingham Bar And Steakhouse, Bar + Block.

We Review Birmingham Bar And Steakhouse, Bar + Block.

Nestled in the business district of Colmore Row in Birmingham sits Bar + Block, perfect for any meat lover. Their classic cuts are hand cut by expert chefs on-site, so you can have you steak as big as you like! We went along to try their new winter offering as well as their sizzling steaks.

We all know that Monday feeling, you are still getting over the weekend and the darker evenings leave you feeling as though you are always working later than you should. On one such Monday evening we went along to Bar + Block Birmingham to brighten up, an otherwise dreary evening. As we arrived to the spacious restaurant our sprits lifted somewhat as we were warmly greeted and shown to a lovely comfortable booth where we would be dinning for the evening.

As we started to peruse the drinks menu, our waiter bought us over some very tasty popcorn to nibble. The popcorn had been cooked in beef dripping and so had a lovey hint of flavour to them. Deciding to start with a classic Mojito and Bloody Mary to drink, we turned our attention to the food menu.

For a steak house there are actually plenty of vegetarian options for starters and sides (served on their bar menu too), so not to exclude dinners. We decided to go for the Asian Crispy Beef and Salt & Pepper Squid to start. There was a short wait between ordering our food and its arrival, giving us time to choose two more cocktails.

Both starters were a hit, the Asian Crispy Beef was packed with flavour and well balanced and the Squid crispy with a lovely kick of spice, although not too much. I am not sure if it was because we were both hungry or that the starters were super tasty, whatever the reason, they were devoured by the time our second order of cocktails arrived.

We certainly did not have to wait long for our mains to be bought out. My diner in crime, Michelle went for the 10oz Ribeye as I went for the 10oz fillet both going for the beef dripping, triple cooked chips to accompany the steaks. We also ordered additional sides of Mac & Cheese bits.

I will say, the steaks were cooked to absolute Medium/rare perfection and simply melted in the mouth. The chips were crunchy and tasted amazing and the Mac & Cheese bites tasted really cheesy. It was one of those meals, that no matter how full you felt, you knew you were going to finish every last bit.

As our tables were clear and our belts loosened slightly, it would have been rude not to look at the dessert menu. Turns out, we did have a little room for more as we ordered Toffee Apple Cheesecake and a Churros Sundae along with a couple of coffee to bring us out of our food coma.

When my backed cheesecake arrived, it was topped with huge slices of toffee apple I happily tucked in. My only comment would be, that the Lemon Churros Sundae was incredible sweet. I actually have quite a sweet tooth but couldn’t have more than a mouthful.

As far as first visits go, we certainly left feeling we would be happy to return. The restaurant itself as spacious and can easily cater for small or large diners. The food was tasty and the cocktails well made. If you are looking for a nice relaxed meal out then Bar + Block Birmingham, will offer you just that.

Bar + Block 
3-6 Waterloo St ,Birmingham
B2 5PG