Rosie Kay Dance Company Announce New Tour Coming to Déda

Rosie Kay Dance Company Announce New Tour Coming to Déda

Rosie Kay Dance Company, the international award-winning dance theatre company headed by artistic director and choreographer Rosie Kay, announces its autumn 2016 tour, with a stop at Déda in Derby on Thursday 13th October.

Following on from the success of the 5 SOLDIERS Scotland tour (Apr-May 2016), Rosie Kay is back in the studio to recreate the acclaimed, award-winning Double Points: K and to choreograph her new duet Motel inspired by the work of visual artists Huntley Muir.

This double bill of athletic and intelligent dance duets will thrill and move audiences and is performed by company dancers Oliver Russell and Shelley Eva Haden. The show is commissioned by mac birmingham (where it will premiere) and is supported by DanceXchange where Rosie Kay is an Associate Artist.

Double Points: K is a stunning study of synchronicity and stamina set to a soundtrack of Bach, dub step and electronica. Based on the seminal work by Dutch/Italian choreographer Emio Greco, Rosie Kay collaborated with the choreographer to make create a new interpretation that is entirely her own.  Basing the movement language on Greco’s practise, with its adherence to the use of breath, long stretch lines and shaking and release, the two dancers undertake a precise dance of structure, synchronicity and stamina.  The vibrant sound score works in dub step, electro and Bach Concerto in A minor, brilliantly pulled together by composer Julian Guillamat.

Motel is a new duet by Rosie Kay inspired by the work of artists Huntley Muir and their series of Rooms paintings, who collaborate with Kay in this work. The piece is Dark, sexy and exciting, showcasing Kay’s sense of macabre, exquisite movement and dark, black humour. Motel explores the nothing spaces we inhabit that hold our lives, the time and space in between real life, where illicit affairs occur, and secret relationships play out, which evoke our deep, sensuous emotions.

The double bill will be hosted at Chapel Street dance house, Déda on Thursday 13 October. Tickets are on sale now. Call 01332 370911 or visit for booking and more information.