DHP Family to receive the FanFair Alliance Outstanding Contribution To Live Music

The Music Managers Forum (MMF) and Featured Artists Coalition (FAC) are delighted to reveal that the two promoters are set to be honoured with the FanFair Alliance Award for Outstanding Contribution to Live Music.

On the back of a hugely successful campaign against industrial-scale online ticket touting, the FanFair award celebrates a business or individual who has promoted ethical business practices and pioneered innovative live music strategies on behalf of artists. Created by the Alliance in partnership with the MMF and FAC, the award acknowledges the high profile anti-touting initiatives of both DHP Family and Kilimanjaro, and their commitment to fairer ticketing for UK audiences.
Annabella Coldrick, Chief Executive, MMF, said:

“Given the unbelievable successes of the FanFair campaign to overhaul secondary ticketing, it feels entirely fitting that we should celebrate the companies and individuals who have delivered a positive change for artists and audiences. Kilimanjaro and DHP Family have both led the way to help eradicate large-scale ticket touting. They are worthy winners.”
Daniel Ealam, Director of Live, DHP Family, said:

“We are all so proud at DHP Family to accept this award alongside everyone at Kilimanjaro. Seeing in person the real distress and negative impact that unethical secondary sites cause to the lives of music fans, and also our industry as a whole, it was a no brainer to do all we could to support our artists in getting THEIR tickets into the hands of THEIR fans. While mass-scale online ticket touting still exists we’ll continue to do all we can to support the fight and we thank the MMF and FAC, not only for this award, but also for their vital support in this process.”

Stuart Galbraith, CEO, Kilimanjaro Live said:

‘’Everyone at Kilimanjaro is honoured to receive this recognition from the artist community for the work we’ve done trying to rid the industry of the scourge of unethical secondary ticketing. As concert promoters we have a duty to your fans to protect them from the unscrupulous parasites milking their passion for your music and our live events. We never forget that without the music makers there is no business for promoters, ticket agents, production people and so on to participate in. We have to protect OUR business for the future of all music makers and music fans. That’s why we’ve taken this fight so seriously and devoted so many hours to taking them on. And it will continue until we have achieved what we all want.’’

The A&MA’s was established to celebrate achievements in the UK’s artist and management community. This year’s ceremony will take place on November 14th at a new venue – the Bloomsbury Big Top, 93 Guildford St, WC1N 1DN. The MMF and FAC are also delighted to confirm that BBC Radio 1’s Gemma Cairney will return as host.

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