Gnarwolves to play one-off show at The Venue Derby

Gnarwolves to play The Venue Derby this August

Modern British punk band Gnarwolves have announced a one-off UK show at The Venue, Derby ahead of their Leeds Festival appearance.

Punk rock – perhaps more than any other genre in modern times – has been diluted, distracted and bastardised away from its original blueprint. A pale facsimile of its former self.

Brighton’s Gnarwolves broke onto the scene in 2012 injecting a hefty (and much-needed) shot of energy, boldness and no-fucks-given attitude that resonated immediately and with extraordinary intensity.

Across a collection of short, sharp and charmingly ramshackle EPs and a stunning self-titled debut album, they captured the zeitgeist of a youth disaffected with austerity and cultural homogenisation and set about re-focussing attention onto community, DIY ethic and an unshakeable belief that punk really can save your life.

“We grew up on punk rock,” offers guitarist and singer Thom Weeks with a grin. “You become a lifer after a while. It’s engrained in to the very core of this band.”

A cult fanbase grew with them, a collection of slacker skaters, hardcore kids, pop-punkers and many more besides, drawn in by the dual attack of Thom’s rasping, sugar sweet melodies and bassist Charlie Piper’s guttural drawl. Along with Thom’s brother and drummer Max, the trio powered their way to the Reading and Leeds Festival main stage, as well as in to support slots with Blink-182, NOFX, The Story So Far – all while maintaining the sort of resolutely Do-It-Yourself ethos that so many bands jettison when chequebooks start getting opened.


“We’ve been away for an appropriate amount of time and we’re back to do the thing that we love doing. It’s as simple as that, really!” says Weeks with trademark directness.

That return comes in the shape of new full-length ‘Outsiders’, an album which finds its genesis in the uncertainty which, for Thom at least, characterised Gnarwolves’ intermission: a band who have always dealt in suburban dissatisfaction now rallying against existential crises head-on.

“When the three of us got back into a room again and started playing, it was genuinely amazing,” finishes Weeks. “We have almost a sixth sense between us in this band, I suppose knocking out hundreds of shows will do that for you. And I can’t wait to start showing these new songs to people at those gigs. It’s going to be the best time.

The most vital British punk band of modern times are back, right when we need them most.


Date                      Wednesday 23rd August 2017
Venue                  The Venue, 47-49 Abbey Street, Derby, DE22 3SJ, 01332 203545
Age Limit             16+
Doors                    7.30PM
Adv Tickets         £9

Tickets will be available from Thursday 10th August @ 1PM via Gigantic and SEE Tickets.