Nottingham to Host Second Consecutive International Skateboarding Event

Nottingham to Host Second Consecutive International Skateboarding Event

On Saturday (12 August), the UK leg of an international skateboarding series delivered by the US brand Andalé Bearings, will take place at Flo indoor skatepark, off Poulton Drive, Nottingham.

Skaters will compete for the chance to fly to Los Angeles for the global final at the iconic Santa Monica Courthouse in September.  This event will attract top skateboarders from all over the UK to Nottingham whilst video footage from the event will be viewed globally, with American skate magazine Thrasher presenting last year’s series to more than 100,000 viewers.

This builds on last summer, when Nottingham’s Flo skatepark successfully hosted the UK leg of the Vans shoes international ‘Shop Riot’ series, which this year took place in Hull – with significant coverage in the national press tied to Hull’s City of Culture status and ambition to be the UK’s first ‘skate friendly’ city.

Nottingham has been able to host events of this significance – punching well above its weight compared to larger UK cities – due to a combination of a lively, intergenerational skate scene, including a rapidly growing community of female skaters, a rich heritage in skateboarding, and a strengthening partnership between local independent businesses, social enterprises, charities and the City Council.

Forty Two, Nottingham’s only independent, skater-owned shop has strong relationships with American brands such as Dwindle Distribution, who own Andalé Bearings – meaning the city was first choice for this year’s series.  Flo is operated as a social enterprise, and works closely with Blueprint, the developer that owns the premises, ensuring it achieves a strong social purpose, including delivering beginners’ sessions every weekend throughout the summer.

Finally, Skate Nottingham, a social enterprise founded by local skateboarders, work to deliver projects that put skateboarding at the centre of Nottingham’s social, cultural and economic development, and won the East Midlands Celebrating Construction 2017 ‘Value’ award alongside Woodhead Construction for the community-led design of the new skate facility at King Edward Park, Sneinton.

Nottingham City Council, with Park Lives and the Renewal Trust, supported Skate Nottingham to deliver free skate sessions to children and women and girls of all ages through July 2017 with newly qualified coaches and mentors, enabling more than 50 people to start or get back into skateboarding over just five Sundays.

“Hosting international events is really important – not just to attract visitors from other cities, but to celebrate the local scene, skaters, businesses and wider creative and cultural activities that are here all year round.  Having the UK leg of Andalé’s series here at Flo helps us put Nottingham on the map and provides a boost for doing even bigger things next year.” Simon Bernacki, Chris Lawton and Ben Taylor – co-founders, Skate Nottingham

Photo Credit: Simon Bernacki

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