• Five day (9-13 October 2018) festival showcases performances exclusively by East Midlands artists
  • Amplify 18 Festival also includes free workshops for local professional artists looking to develop their careers

TICKETS are now on sale for Nottingham Playhouse’s first ever local artist festival – under the Amplify programme – which takes place from Tuesday 9 through to Saturday 13 October.

Amplify 18 Festival is an exciting and eclectic mix of new writing, theatre, spoken word, music and workshops by upcoming professional artists who live or originate from the East Midlands and marks an important milestone in Nottingham Playhouse’s new artist development programme.

Behind the programme is Nottingham Playhouse’s artist development coordinator and director, writer and Nottingham local Beth Shouler, who has more than 15 years of experience in the industry and is passionate about helping talented artists reach their potential.

She said: “We were thrilled with the response to the call out and to see the variety and ambition of work being made by artists from the East Midlands.

“The festival line-up showcases artists from across the entire region and includes performances and works-in-progress from different artistic disciplines: spoken word, new writing, live art, devised, comedy and physical theatre. Not only is it an event to celebrate talent and see great small-scale theatre it’s also an opportunity for artists to come together, network, see each other’s work and engage with us as a building.”

The festival is also the first of its kind under artistic director Adam Penford, who also grew up in Nottingham.

Adam said: “We are delighted to be presenting Amplify 18 Festival here at Nottingham Playhouse. Celebrating artists based in, or originating from the East Midlands, including some of the hottest shows from this year’s Edinburgh Festival, is a brilliant way to open our spaces to local artists. As a building, we are hugely excited to welcome a fantastic range of work from the creatives in the Midlands to perform as part of this thrilling and diverse festival line-up.”

The Amplify artist development programme is open to theatre professionals of all ages, and all types of theatre artists are encouraged to take part, including writers, directors, producers and designers.

The programme includes advice surgeries, workshops, feedback on performances, as well as development time, scratch nights and plug in events.

For more information about Nottingham Playhouse, and to purchase tickets for the festival visit

Festival line up:


Date Time Show/ Workshop Details
Tuesday 9 October 11am–12.30pm PIPA (Parents in Performing Arts) Listening Event Workshop led by Stephanie Sirr
Tuesday 9 October 1pm–2pm Welcome New writing from Hatstand Productions
Tuesday 9


5pm–8pm COMMON: GROUND Workshop led by COMMON
Wednesday 10 October 7pm–8.05pm Double Bill: The Panic Broadcast & Pink Lemonade Devised and Multi-disciplinary from LaPelle’s Factory & Mia Johnson
Wednesday 10 October 8.30pm–9.30pm Soetry Spoken word and music from Soetic Journey
Thursday 11 October 7pm-8m The Distance New writing from Ben Norris
Friday 12 October 1pm-3pm Arts Council England, Funding Workshop Workshop led by Claire Simpson
Friday 12 October 3.30pm The Gathering Workshop led by Laura Guthrie and Ben Norris
Friday 12 October 7pm-8pm No One is Coming to Save You New writing from Nathan Ellis
Friday 12 October 8.30pm-9.30pm The Bee Project Physical theatre from Laura Ryder and co
Saturday 13 October 11.45am onwards Sit With Us for a Moment and Remember Interactive one-to-one performance by the Lincoln Company
Saturday 13 October 12pm Pepper and Honey Croatian story and biscuit baking from Notnow Collective
Saturday 13 October 12.45pm-1.15pm Orla and the Rebel Girls From Time Children’s Theatre from Ruffians Theatre
Saturday 13 October 1.30pm onwards A Collector’s Piece Performance installation from Ollie Smith
Saturday 13 October 2.15pm-2.45pm It’s Not Them, it’s You Spoken word from Kieran Hayes
Saturday 13 October 3.15pm & 3.45pm Running with the Moon Spoken word from  Ioney Smallhorne
Saturday 13 October 4.30pm-5pm WEEJA Live art from Jack Perkins
Saturday 13 October 5.30pm-6.30pm A self-help guide to being in love with Jeremy Corbyn Spoken word from Jess Green
Saturday 13 October 7pm-8pm See-through Devised by Claire Gaydon
Saturday 13 October 8.30pm-9.30pm WOLF New writing from Lewis Doherty






































Tickets start at £5 and some workshops are free to attend.

 Box Office Information:

 Nottingham Playhouse

Box office 0115 941 9419

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