Great Expectations – We Bring You The People Making Waves In The Midlands.

Great expectations with Samson Tudor, Loughborough.

Part of our Great expectations season, we meet Samson Tudor who is making waves with his artwork and success in LSA Student awards.

Samson Tudor – It’s starts With Art.

Samson Tudor is a hopeful student entering his second year of degree studies at Loughborough University. He expresses his love of storytelling and creativity through the medium of art, which led him to great success when he came joint
first in the LSA Student Awards 2016 for his oil on canvas entitled: Land of Lost Content.

Samson’s work adopts the use of narrative, figurative painting, with elements of allegory and symbolism, as a form of
socio-political commentary. Whilst at university, Samson displays his work over on his blog: which includes an array of gallery stills, mixed media, painting and more.