Magic Door Returns to Amusement 13 in Birmingham

Magic Door Returns to Amusement 13 in Birmingham

Magic Door are finishing their spectacular year in fine style as Friday November 25th’s show takes in a new location at Amusement 13 in Birmingham, following on from October’s rather wild mannequin-inspired party, with their penultimate event in the Midlands before NYE.

Continuing to do things a little bit differently has seen Magic Door cultivate a loyal crowd who flock to each party from all over the UK – and whilst the music is always an integral foundation, with new resident for 2016 Maxxi Soundsystem supported by Jukes of Hazard and Deano Ferrino, there’s so much more to each event. Magic Door is not a themed party as such, but at the same time each event has its own identity too, so no two parties are ever the same.

2016 has shown once more why Magic Door retains an ethos and mystique which offers a different way to party in the UK – resolutely keeping many of the most important things secret until the night, such as only ever revealing the headliners and the theme once everyone arrives. This ethos has maintained a sense of excitement and secrecy which continues to sell out each show in advance. All of this would not be worth much though if the Alice In Wonderland meets wild rave filtered through a warped glittery kaleidoscope (and that’s only half the story) didn’t match its own ambition, and with a small army of full time staff creating the crazy production, there’s a genuine sense of wonder and anticipation before each event.

Jit Patel from Magic Door explains: “We are finishing 2016 strongly, building toward our New Year’s Eve show which brings everything together after our incredible year. Our last party was ridiculous, even by our own standards – we used 100s of old mannequins to decorate the venue, so it was a very bizarre and surreal party for sure, one of the best we have done. We’re very excited to be taking the party to Amusement 13 for out debut there on Nov 25th, followed by our show in London and the finally NYE. November is going to be massive for us, we really can’t wait!”

Magic Door will be held on Fri 25th November at Amusement 13, 71 Kent Street, Birmingham, B5 6RD
Tickets are £10 + b/f (early birds), £12 + b/f (2nd release), £15 + b/f (3rd release), £18 + b/f (final release).