UK Men unveil underwear preference in Bullring Survey

UK Men unveil underwear preference in Bullring Survey

With Christmas fast approaching, men across the UK are set to receive their annual present of novelty boxers, however research released today by Bullring Birmingham shows that 20% of British males confess to returning underwear bought for them and 1 in 3 leave them in the wardrobe unworn to gather dust.

The reason for this negative reception appears to be family and friends buying the men in their lives the wrong style of underwear, with findings showing that boxer briefs are the most popular pants style, whereas the risqué thong is a favourite for the brave few.

Whilst other halves are often the ones to put underwear in men’s Christmas stocking (73%), more than a third (35%) of males admitted to being left blushing after receiving pants from their parents on Christmas Day.

UK males’ preferred underwear style:

  1. Boxer briefs (57%)
  2. Trunks (15%)
  3. Y Fronts (12%)
  4. Novelty pants (9%)
  5. Thongs (5%)
  6. Long Johns (2%)

Despite the thong not proving popular nationally, it seems that some parts of the country are more partial to this underwear choice, most notably in the North East, with 21% of men opting for a thong over Y-Fronts or trunks.

The research was conducted by Bullring shopping centre to encourage shoppers to buy the right presents for their loved ones this Christmas and avoid unwanted and unused gifts. The leading retail destination used real-life male mannequins in centre to showcase the breadth of products available for men and to ensure that friends and family were able to choose an item based on how it looked in real life.

Maggie Foggett, Marketing Manager at Bullring said: ” We always see a spike in sales of men’s pants over the festive period – but it is clear that these gifts are not what they would choose themselves – with so many being returned or left unworn.”

“We wanted to ensure that people receive their preferred style of pants this Christmas. Our research shows that, whilst novelty pants may cause a giggle around the tree on Christmas Day, they’re unlikely to get much wear the rest of the year! With so many great brands here at Bullring all selling a range of styles, we have a selection of pants to  fit the taste of all our shoppers.”