Filthy Rich

Hot on the heels of their move into Derby’s INTU centre, SIXTYNINE degrees caught up with Cara, UK retail Operations Manager of Filthy Rich, the store that specialises in celebrity inspired jewellery and accessories.

Who are you and what do you know?
I’m Cara, I’ve been working in retail since I left school and helped launch Filthy Rich in the UK. We opened and marketed the brand’s first UK flagship store in City of Derby in March 2014 and have just expanded into our fab new home in INTU.

What is Filthy Rich?
Filthy Rich specialises in celebrity inspired jewellery. We research what celebrities are seen wearing and we find something that replicates the item for a much lower price to what the real deal would cost giving you more bling for your buck! We offer a mixture of sterling silver pieces and costume pieces of jewellery with many pieces adorned with Swarovski crystal.

Sounds amazing, tell us more!

Well we carry three core ranges, the Contemporary, Hollywood and Jacqueline Kennedy collection- my own favourite! The pieces are all exact replicas of the jewellery Jackie owned during her lifetime both as first lady of the USA and as Jackie Onassis. Every single piece is authoirised by the Kennedy library foundation so you know you are truly wearing a piece of history. The Jackie Kennedy collection is a unique brand to Filthy Rich; you cannot buy anywhere else in the UK and it’s no longer manufactured so once it’s gone it’s gone.

So what’s next for Filthy Rich?
Our relocation to INTU has seen a huge increase, both in footfall and brand interest, so the future is looking even brighter. The next step is to enhance our online offering, making it even easier to get a piece of Filthy Rich.