Intu Competition Winners Go Shopping

Intu Competition winner, Alyn acepting his gift card

You may remember Sixtynine Degrees running an amazing competition, in Partnership with Intu shopping centres,  for two lucky winners to win a £500 gift card each to spend within either the Nottingham or Derby Intu centre. Well the winners have been picked and we sent Sixtynine Degrees Magazine’s Ben Walker out shopping to see how they got on.

Our first winner was 49 year old Claire Tidswell from Deeping Gate who couldn’t quite believe that she was the lucky lady who had just won a £500 gift card. Claire, who regularly shops at Intu Nottingham with her daughter, was on the lookout for a dress to wear on her up and coming holiday. Unsure of exactly what she was looking for, Stylist and Makeup Artist Trixie (founder of Libertii Beau) was on hand to aid Claire in her search.

They made their way around House of Fraser, searching for a dress that matched Claire’s style requirements; smart yet casual, patterns and prints but nothing too over the top.  With the assistance of Trixie, Claire opted for a Aztec colourful print dress from Biba with a pair of nude platform heels from Office.

Claire and Trixie in House of Fraser

Trixie consulting Claire. 

As part of the competition, Claire was treated to a mini makeover by Trixie, to go with her new outfit. Trixie used a mixture of Charlotte Tilbury cosmetics which provided a natural lift and glow to Claire’s complexion. When she looked in the mirror, seeing her face transformed, Claire felt really pampered and was thrilled with her mini makeover.

Makeup artist Trixie doing Clarie's makeup

Trixie giving Claire a mini makeover. 

In Derby awaited 31 year old Alyn Carrahar who was the second winner of the competition. Like Claire, Alyn was thrilled to have won, with his wife stating that he was in need of a new wardrobe after wearing the same clothes for the last 15 years.

Alyn looking at clothes with Trixie

Trixie choosing an outfit for Alyn. 

Alyn was unsure of what he was looking for as he rarely spends money on clothes, so he was in luck when Trixie was there to help style him out in a new selection of clothes. Finding out that Alyn was into heavy rock music, they headed straight to Asylum for inspiration.  Trixie picked out a selection of rocker t-shirts as well as vintage shirts, hoodies and a punk denim jacket for Alyn to try. Seeing how the items could be layered and matched together, Alyn was excited to try the items on. With an outfit chosen, it was time to match the outfit with a pair of shoes and he eventually settled on a pair of low top, dark red Vans.

Competition winner Alyn in his new outfit

Alyn in his new outfit.

Now Trixie couldn’t have given Alyn a mini makeover like she did with Claire, but instead she implied some serum, illuminator and Vaseline balm to revitalise his skin.

Alyn with the Asylum staff

Alyn with the staff at Asylum in Derby.

After making their way out of Asylum, Alyn went to All Saints in which he purchased a pair of jeans. On the experience, Alyn was very happy to have some new clothes and he said that he really enjoyed the whole afternoon.

Overall the day was a success for both Claire and Alyn who were very pleased with their chosen outfits.

To keep up to date with the latest happenings with Intu Shopping centre follow them on @intu or visit their website.

Also many thanks to the staff at House of Fraser in Nottingham, especially Personal Stylist Katrina, the staff at Asylum and All Saints in Derby.

Below is a full behind the scenes gallery of the day with competition winners Claire and Alyn: