The ThriftGeneration Story….

The ThriftGeneration Story….

Thrift Generation offers unique, eclectic apparel for boys and girls. Trend inspired pre-loved, vintage and new. Often deconstructed, reconstructed and customised, sourcing as new one-offs from dead stock, hand-picked vintage and new; all lovingly styled in Nottingham.

Ahead of the launch on the 22nd April, we talk to Madi Wallner about her vision for ThriftGeneration and her hopes for the future.

Our bodies don’t define us and our identity is not how pretty our faces are, but the words and actions we create and speak out for. Yes! We can be sexy and embrace it like a bunny girl. No!  We don’t accept sexism, misogyny or body shaming. Yes, we can rock our stance with poise and pride. No! We won’t be judged on appearance alone.

The iconic bunny girl inspires the striking design of our Girl Power tees, the first range of in-house designs for Thrift Generation1. It’s this iconic Playboy bunny that has caught the male gaze since 1960, but times are changing. We’ve used the outline of the female body to be bold and carry a new message towards sexuality and women.  We can celebrate our bodies as much as any other person, but we want to be seen beyond the body too.

This is depicted in our Girl Power illustration – our identity is not always represented by a face or body, our message is more important to identify with. We live in a visual world, but we all need to work on learning how to embrace looking beyond the visual sometimes.

Our T-shirts come with a beautiful fuschia rosette accessory which can be used to adorn bags and clothes or keep on the t-shirt, to spread the girl power message. These represent the rosettes Playboy bunnies wore at the hip with their names on.  We are looking into providing personalised rosettes in the future, whilst maintaining the Girl Power and ‘KNOW THYSELF’  message: self awareness, knowledge and acceptance. We want our T-shirts to give out a positive message to girls and women everywhere .

Collections consist of original transfer prints from the 70’s and 80’s, stencil prints, hand-printed and new short production runs, always sourcing sustainably and ethically; mixing pieces from the 1970’s to present day.

The ThriftGeneration Story….

We love to collaborate with other artists, up and coming designers and like to source from all over the UK, and during our travels across the world.  We will always aim to support local and British designers and makers, as well as those overseas.  A lot of our buying benefits local charity retail outlets, and other small businesses both online and on the high street, where we source quality pieces to customise or deconstruct.

Most of our pieces are one-offs, offering competitive prices, sourced with love and passion for good style and design.  We have been offering our exclusive collections since 2003.

Thrift Generation reflects freedom of choice, fulfilling the ever-growing demand for originality and individuality for all Thrift-conscious, adventurous generations.  Thrifting in the lateral sense too, from our surroundings, lifestyle and cultural trends.

The ThriftGeneration Story….

The t-shirts will be available to pre-order. We pride ourselves on being an ethical and eco-friendly brand,using sustainable sourcing methods. Our T-shirts use Modal which is C02 neutral. Available in all sizes, as diverse as the girls and women who will wear them.

Sustainability is at the core of what we do.We look forward to your custom and we are sure you will embrace our philosophy…. Discover your desires. If it fits, it was meant to be!   Happy Thriftin’ ….Go have Fun!

The t-shirts will be launched on the 22nd April 3pm at Minor Oak’s Coworking space: 4 Gedling Street, 2-12 Avenue A, Sneinton Market, Nottingham NG1 1DS.