How to stay stylish with Layering

How to stay stylish with Layering

As the days get longer, darker and colder your outfit needs to not only be super stylish, it needs to be adaptable too. Layering is not only an incredibly practical solution for this, but with careful consideration as to colour combinations, textures and cuts you can add an edge of individuality to your look whilst making sure you’re prepared for whatever your day throws at you.
Even though, at its most basic level, Layering is just putting different items of clothes over other items, nailing it can be tricky. Here are our rules to getting it right.


With constant shifts in temperature you’ll often find you shed layers as you go along. As a result make sure that each layer can work on its own or as part of a smaller outfit group – you need to make sure everything looks great together or as a standalone to stay in style.


Generally, your under layer should be your thinnest and your outer your thickest so that you can easily manage your temperature. It also gives your outfit a sense of depth without it becoming bulky. Four is the optimum number of layers- why not try a t shirt, jumper or hoody, denim jacket and then outer jacket- keep an eye on the length of each item – your outer layer should also be your longest.


Wearing lots of colours can mean clashing. Where this can work for some, in general it’s better to choose
colours that complement each other to make an outfit feel complete. Try to add in a contrasting colour to add balance and add a sense of style to your outfit.


If you’re choosing a complex pattern then make sure it’s on your top layer – adding too much pattern can
clutter an outfit if you don’t plan itT. ry mixing stripes with checks for example rather than stripes with stripes or checks with checks. Alternating can add an eclectic feel to an outfit.


Remember more layers means more warmth so forget about buying that insulated jacket and just double up. Denim jackets teamed with a leather bomber adds a rocky edge whilst teaming one with a tweed jacket for a vintage feel. Don’t forget to add a hat – knitted skullcaps or sloth beanies work equally well with both looks.

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