The Style Counsel: Werk Wear with Clare Maguire

The Style Counsel: Werk Wear with Clare Maguire

There is something quite pleasurable about turning you mind to a new workwear wardrobe ready for the sunshine. Workwear, like any fashion, offers the possibility of reinvention.

Maybe it’s because we’ve all lost a few pounds, maybe it’s because we didn’t (I tried..!). Or perhaps it’s the thought of getting our sun kissed glow back, but our workwear can have an air of next season reinvention. Spring / summer workwear can be a daunting prospect. We ditch our darker, polished clothes and hide our tights away. It’s time to get the razor out. Our heavier, polished winter outfits can make us feel professional and empowered but it’s time to make way for lighter, brighter business attire. Just like anything in your wardrobe, your workwear should be an extension of your personality.

“Workwear is essential to get right and feel fabulous in as it’s usually the part of the wardrobe worn the most”, says Suzy Fawke, who has over 20 years’ experience working in high end ladies wear. “Start with a capsule wardrobe; a basic suit including a dress, jacket, skirt and trousers but add some colour and print.

“Don’t forget your accessories; a statement necklace or some amazing shoes are the simplest way to add interest and put a twist on an outfit. Occasionally dress codes apply. These restrictions can limit your colour palette. When this is the case, pay attention to beautifully cut tailoring with interesting detailing”, says Suzy.

An easy was to look smart and chic throughout the week is to stick to classic items like a white shirt. And get this, shirts that don’t need ironing now exist. Who wouldn’t love a shirt that gives you an extra 10 minutes in bed in the morning! Check our Orvis for wrinkle free shirts in a variety of colours.

Coats and jackets might be something you don’t think matter for spring or summer, but April showers might make you change your mind. Don’t underestimate the impact of a good jacket. Its’ the first thing people notice and the last thing your colleagues will see when you leave work.

Finally, if you’re not brave enough to be so bold, try accessorising to bring the spring into your wardrobe. There are many items that will inject a bit of fun, but are subtle enough to enter the boardroom with.

At only £35, this Marks and Spencer classic tassel tote bag is the perfect start to revamping your work wardrobe this season and won’t break the bank. Just like this bag will, let everyone know you’re ready for spring. £39.50

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