The biggest decision you’ll make this summer is what to wear on the beach. The smallest of outfits, summer swimmer actually has to do the most work; transforming from activewear to flattering flirt outfit seamlessly. Add in the need to keep your Instagram followers up whilst dodging any mickey taking from the lads back home and you begin to see what we’re on about. It’s really important to choose a style in which you feel confident and comfortable in – if you’re the shy and retiring type then that lime mankini is probably not gonna be a good move… Swimwear needs to be versatile but you need to be clear on what your key beach objective is as that will most likely dictate the style for you– are you swimming, lounging, partying, flirting or all four.

Block Coloured swimshort £9.99 H&M


Styled on a classic sports short, a trunk tends trunks to have a fitted lining inside to avoid any embarrassing leg gape and are generally made from nylon or polyester so that they dry faster, This also means they don’t crease and if you got a plain matt finish they’re great to pop in your hand luggage for a day to night short. The most forgiving style for muffin top man, most high street styles tend to be too baggy though which will make you look like a twelve year old with skinny legs; the key here is to go for a tailored cut. Make sure the length lands no lower than mid-thigh. The perfect all-rounder.

Bumpa Trunk £38.16 BCNUclothing

A straight cut style, the sports trunk is generally made of lycra to ensure a figure hugging fit which means that you need to feel body confident to pull off this look. Less revealing and look at me than the swim brief, the sports trunk is the go to style for those that want to get noticed without feeling overly exposed. Perfect for partying.

Dsquared2 Union Jack Swim Briefs £150 Selfridges

Speedos or budgie smugglers, we’re sure that whoever said it pays to advertise would have had a pair or two of these. Cut high on the leg and designed to frame every man’s assets front and back, the swim brief is definitely the one if flirting comes first. Keep pattern and design features to a minimum to avoid overcooking – plain navy, khaki or grey elevates the look and if you’re going white make you check tosee how sheer your tighty whiteys go in the water.


Speedo Fit Graphic Jammer Swimming Shorts £26 John Lewis

So if you’re a serious swimmer, or you want to look like one then the jammer is for you. Skin tight to create less drag, these knee length trunks have replaced the board sort as the go to Ath Leisure beach basic- aside from the wetsuit of course! The choice for the serious swimmer.