• Hosting three of the most exciting installations during the International Festival Milton Keynes
  • Combining shopping and art for the ultimate retail experience
  • Generating an accessible method for shoppers to experience art in their local area

centre:mk, the regionally dominant shopping destination, is thrilled to be hosting a series of art installations this summer with the aim to bring art to the local community in an unexpected space. The art installations will be launching on the 15th July – 24th July, as part of Milton Keynes IF which will see a predicted 350,000 visitors.

centre:mk are proud to be the headline sponsors for the festival this year and will be hosting a series of three art installations within the retail space ensuring that art takes centre stage this summer at the energetic retail destination. With over 1,800-square-metres of space devoted to the featured artworks, centre:mk has commissioned the largest digital experience to be in a civic shopping centre and is dedicated to enhancing the customer experience and ensuring a visit to centre:mk is an all-encompassing occasion that goes above and beyond the usual shopping experience.

Kevin Duffy, Centre Director at centre:mk, said: There’s a very compelling argument for bringing thought-provoking and engaging art events to centre:mk and Milton Keynes. We see this summer’s activity as an integral part of being a world-class shopping destination – for customers, retailers and visitors alike

In the centres football sized exhibition space, Middleton Hall, Miguel Chevalier will be showcasing his enchanting work, Magic-Carpet, outside John Lewis, surrounded by retail at the heart of the centre. Miguel, who has been selected as the Festival’s Artist-in-Residence this year, has been commissioned by centre:mk to animate the space, covering it in a huge carpet of light and colour that will run throughout the free 10 day festival. This is the first time Miguel’s work will be shown in a shopping centre, and will be largest digital projection to have ever been showcased in a retail environment, meaning that shoppers and visitors alike can interact with the piece by walking through the light show to change and shape the environment. Sound artist Ray Lee has also created ‘sonic spheres’  for people to hold. These silver spheres generate sound and react to the changes in the projections and the heat of people’s hands.

Two other stunning pieces on display at the centre include, Liquid Gold is The Air by choreographer Rosemary Lee and film-maker Roswitha Chesher and Ground Resistance by Wesley Goatley and Georgina Voss. Both pieces feature immersive sound and visual experiences and will be housed in a bespoke structures within the centre. Ground Resistance, an Open university commissioned piece, will map the digital footprint of Milton Keynes itself. The installation will be part soundscape, part data map, and part flight path, pulling together much of the technology created and still used in the area today. Once the data has been collected, it will be interpreted, live, into a constantly-updating map. Visitors will put on headphones to listen to the transmission of that data and watch as it gets translated into a spread of rolling figures, land maps, and moving parts

With the introduction of such interactive, thought provoking and stimulating art works to the retail destination, visitors to centre:mk this July will be greeted by an all-encompassing shopping experience certain to make a long term impression.