Alternative and Unusual Pancake Ideas this Pancake Day

It’s one of the best nationally celebrated holidays in the UK, where it’s socially acceptable to eat pancakes breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

If you are fed up of the standard pancake with lemon and sugar, we have come up with some alternatives this Pancake Day, from international and unusual toppings.

American Style Pancakes: 

If you fancy something heartier then the crepe pancake, delve across the pond to the country who love their pancakes all year round. American style pancakes are fuller and richer, normally stacked and drizzled with maple syrup.

Topping suggestions: 

  • Maple syrup, bacon and fried egg  for those who like the mixture of salty and sweet
  • Mixed fruit and yogurt for the healthy eaters
  • Ice cream topped pancakes or pancake  ice cream sandwiches, either works.

Egg, Dairy and Gluten Free Pancakes: 

If you have special dietary requirements then you can still enjoy pancakes with this handy recipe we came across from BBC Good Food.

International Pancakes: 

Every country do pancakes differently. There are a variety of different styles of pancakes from Japanese to Finnish style pancakes, there are a variety of different ones to try.

Coloured Pancakes: 

This a good one if you have kids. You can always colour your pancakes with Matcha or green tea, cocoa powder, orange peel, brown flour for alternative looking pancakes. By adding food colouring to different batches of pancake mix you can create a rainbow stack that looks too good to eat.