Great Expectations, – We Bring You The People Making Waves In The Midlands.

Great expectations, making a meal of it with Alex Reay.

Our Great Expectations brings you the people making waves in the Midlands right now. Whether it’s getting tongues wagging within the arts or a cutting edge sports wear brand, we bring you seven people raising the bar in the region.

Alex Reay – For The Love Of Food.

Alex Reay may be in her fourth year at the University of Birmingham studying BA Modern Languages, French and Spanish, but this hasn’t stopped her expressing her passion for food.

After visiting Toulouse and Valencia as part of her Erasmus year, Alex began to get creative in the kitchen trying out fresh, local produce around France and Spain. Alex is also a food writer for Redbrick – the official student paper for the University oBf irmingham and has recently become a promising candidate in the run to winning the LoSalt competition to find their “Student Cook of The Year”.

We recommend you check out Alex’s Instagram @everydaywithreay for food that will make your mouth water. This fun loving foodie prides herself on her creativity in the kitchen and hopes to motivate others to get cooking!