Life-size Game of Thrones Sculptures Made of Cake Unveiled

Brits are going bonkers for baking thanks to a surge in new celebratory moments, from the RETURN of your favourite TV series to getting DIVORCED.

To pay homage to the #1 new baking occasion, Life-size cake sculptures commissioned by baking brand, Stork, were unveiled in London to celebrate the return of the nation’s most anticipated TV series this Sunday.

Eeach life-size sculpture took an eye-watering 300 hours to make and created by food artist, Michelle Wibowo.

The largest statue comes in at a mammoth 173cm tall and weighs in at 70kg kg – the equivalent to TEN TYRES.

The three sculptures used a whopping 30KG of Stork Original in total to achieve a light and fluffy sponge texture – loved by bakers across the nation.

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