Kickstart your training plan naturally and increase your performance.

Need a natural kickstart to carry on the good work of your new year training regime? A new range of natural performance products has been launched to offer a natural alternative for people who are committed to achieving peak performance as part of their training.


Fronted by London 2012 Olympic gold medal winning boxer Luke Campbell MBE, the range comes from leading sports nutrition brand PhD Nutrition, created ten years ago by competitive performance athletes, Jason Rickaby and Mark Bowering and includes Performance Greens, a natural blend of plant proteinsand fruit extracts; Protein Superfood, a high protein superfood blend; Natural Whey, a grass-fed whey protein and a Protein Superfood Smoothie and Supergrains Bar, for on-the-go fuelling pre- or posttraining.

By adopting a more holistic approach to their training regime the brand says that those training can reduce their intake of synthetic and man made substances without sacrificing their performance goals.