We Chat With Pam Ann As She Returns To Birmingham With Her 20th Anniversary Tour!

We chat to Air Hostess, Pam Ann about anniversary tour.

Air hostess to the stars Pam Ann is back in the UK with her 20th Anniversary Tour coming to Birmingham Town Hall on 31st May. We grabbed two minutes with everybody’s favourite trolley dolly as she taxied down BHX’s runway one.

We can’t believe that this is your 20th anniversary tour, how has the life of an international airline owner and hostess changed in that time? Everyone can fly now, sadly. Once upon a time boarding a Boeing  meant, style, class and glamour.
Touch Trolley, run to Galley must keep you trim. What other Pam Ann fitness tips can you share to our readers? Everything tastes better with Coke.

Your career has taken you all over the world, can you go on a flight and not get recognised? Never

Is there any airline you daren’t fly on? Virgin for example? Ryanair … do they have wings?

What can first time flyers expect from the show? Expect the unexpected

What about your frequent flyers? Are there some new treats to be had up in first class? Of course, I’ll finger their assholes

Who would be your dream passenger? Obama

Could you see yourself flying for Trump on Air Force One? You must be kidding

Who’s been your most famous passengers and did you shag them? Elton John and yes we shagged

Your spoof inflight entertainment videos are gaining quite a following online – will there be a new one for the tour? Yes, I’ve got lots of new videos

Will you be joined by any of your Global Alliance team this trip? Lily might show up

Pam Ann will be at Birmingham’s Town Hall on 31st May. For tickets visit thsh.co.uk