Interview with Mr Funny Jason Manford

Interview with Mr Funny Jason Manford

With the Leicester Comedy Festival just around the corner, we chatted to the legend that is Jason Mannford as he prepares to returns to the city with a new panel show.
How did you first get into comedy?

I worked at a comedy club in Manchester at 16, one night a few acts failed to materialise and the desperate promoter asked if anyone fancied doing a bit! So I did!

Who would you say are your comedic icons?

Well Peter Kay was the first act I saw live who just blew me away. I thought he was fantastic . But growing up I loved Billy Connolly, Les Dawson and Tommy Cooper. I loved how my family would have tears in their eyes watching them.
How do you come up with fresh content?

I ’ll let ya know when I do! Ha! No, I just listen to people, I read a lot, I have a radio show every Sunday on Absolute which forces me to come up with stuff. But listening is the best way. I’m never the centre of attention at parties, I’m always listening
though! (That sounds creepier than I meant it to!)
How would you describe the process of putting together a comedic show?

I’d say for me it’s mainly 70% scripted, it has to be. But it’s very rarely in the same order. Then I like to mess about and chat and use new thoughts and see how it goes.

You’re returning to Leicester in February as part of Leicester Comedy Festival. How do you feel about performing at the festival?

I’m really looking forward to it; I won the Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year Competition in 2000 so it’s always been a special place for me. I’m doing a panel show with some very funny comedians so it’ll be something both familiar and unfamiliar for the audience.

Can you tell our readers what to expect from your show?

It’s a show called Panel Beaters, and its’ a gag filled panel show that we hope will one day be on a screen near you!

Panelbeaters with Jason Mannford will be at Just the Tonic at Hansom Hall on Sunday 12th February from 4.30pm and 8:30pm. Tickets are £15 and available from