Festival Of Foxes


With three hit singles, a Grammy award, an appearance in the new series of Dr Who and a summer full of festival appearances ahead of her, we talk to FOXES about what makes the perfect festival experience.

Were you brought up with the whole festival experience?

Yeah totally, I remember being on my mum’s back and her carrying me around festivals. I feel like I grew up at things like that. I had a sort of very free childhood; my mum was at Glastonbury this year which was really hilarious, she stayed out later that I did so that was quite funny.

What is it your Mum who got you interested in music then?

Well my mum and sister were really into people like Massive Attack and Portishead and that ethereal type music, and Patty Smith I absolutely adored growing up so I think those people definitely inspired me. My mum and my sister really wanted me to pursue music which was really nice.

Are there any performances from back then you can look back and feel inspired you?

I think Beyonce was incredible at Glastonbury. I saw Massive Attack on the Sunday night at Glastonbury which for me was just, you know, really dreamy, I just think it’s effortless and it’s beautiful, and it’s just the most incredible music to see at a festival because it really takes because it’s just so natural and free. I found that really inspiring.

So you’re performing at this year’s V Festival.

Yes and I am very excited as I have never been to V. Lots of my friends have been so I’ve heard lots of good things about it but I’ve never had a chance to go. I’m very, very excited; it’s an amazing roster to be on.

Festivals are big, big crowds to perform to, do you find that a bit intimidating?

They are but I think the festival crowds are always the best ones, because there really is an energy at festivals. People have saved up for these tickets, I remember doing it myself growing up, and you get there and you just let it take you. I just think there’s no bad vibes at festivals, everyone’s in such a good mood, they really are the best crowds to play to. They really are very welcoming. It’s always good fun.

Do you have a particular routine before you go on stage and perform?

I guess routine wise before I go on stage I do like a headstand, which is weird. It gets the blood to your head, and there’s something really energising about doing a headstand, and it’s generally fun! I always get a speaker out and put 90s rave music on and jump about a bit, and then I’m on stage!

What can we expect from your set at this year’s V Festival?

There’s one cover thrown in, I think it’s always good to do a cover at festivals. If you’re gonna do a cover anywhere I think festivals are the place to do it! Whenever I’m at festivals I always want to hear something that I know very well that’s done differently, so it’s always quite a nice little surprise. Other than that it will be my singles and tracks that people can hopefully sing along to and know the words to, which I still find mental!

Is there anyone on there you’re looking forward to seeing yourself at this year’s V Festival?

I think it’s always more exciting to see the newer acts, so I guess I’ll be checking out that side of things. Festivals are really hard to plan anyway; it’s quite nice to be surprised when you’re at a festival! I stumbled upon St Raymond at a festival and I was like ‘this is absolutely incredible’. I think I’ll stumble along and see something I didn’t expect to see which I think is always a fun thing to do, that’s the beauty of festivals I think.