Interview with Vicky Mclure On her Performance at Nottingham Playhouse

Interview with Vicky Mclure

Nottingham born and bred actress, Vicky Mclure is heading to The Nottingham Playhouse in a performance of Touched. We had a chat with Vicky ahead of the production next month about the role. 

Tell us a little bit about Touched and the part you are playing

Touched is set in Nottingham, Sneinton area in 1945. It’s focus is a group of working class women living in a time when the world was euphoric after defeating fascism. I play Sandra, the eldest sister. A woman living a life of loss & hope.

How are you preparing for the role?

Aside of reading the play a lot and researching the history around 1945 the majority of the preparation will happen in rehearsals. We have an incredible Director, Matt Aston, who has been a real help from day one.

My biggest advantage is having people around me that can relate to the history and area in that time, I’ll be asking my grandparents lots of questions.

You are best known for your television work in series such as Broadchurch,  This Is England and Line of Duty.  This must be your first major stage role. Is it a stage debut?

Yes I would call this my stage debut.

I did theatre at The TV workshop in Nottingham for 10 years. My last role there was Isabella in Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure when I was 21. I absolutely loved it. The only differences back then, there was no pressure from critics, ticket sales and big billboard posters!

What is it about acting on the stage that attracts you?

As it’s been such a long time since doing theatre I’m really looking forward to getting that rush of excitement from a live audience again. Also having rehearsal time to really develop my character.

What is the major difference between stage and TV acting?

Most of my roles are based around reality. Acting on TV or stage you have to bring a believability with it.

Given the way Stephen Lowe has written Touched, with such raw, conversational and local language.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to use the same thought process I do in other roles.

Will you be doing more stage work after this?

Who knows! I don’t have anything planned as yet.

With This is England and Line of Duty audiences were used to seeing you in gritty contemporary roles but recently you moved over to period drama with The Secret Agent.  With the move to stage work is this part of a conscious strategy to extend your body of work?

I have no plan or strategy. Like most actors i enjoy a change and a challenge although I won’t look for a job with a certain genre to prove I can be an all rounder. Whatever type of work I’m doing will come down to the writing and the role.

Both Touched & The Secret Agent came around very organically.

You are a Nottingham girl.  Is it significant that you are making your first major stage appearance at Nottingham Playhouse?

Absolutely. It was a must for me.

Going to the theatre in London is a fantastic experience, we know it’s famous for its outstanding productions.

However, I’m really passionate about encouraging other areas outside of the capital to create as much fuss & attention.

Plus it’s such a treat to be able to work from home!

Is the Playhouse a place you visited when you were growing up?  What was its significance to you and what particular productions stood out?

I’d be lying if I said I was a regular theatre goer. Although every time I do go I wonder why I’m not a regular! Going to the panto or on school trips to Nottingham Playhouse had a huge effect on me. Knowing I’ll be performing there soon is a massive deal.

Growing up in Nottingham what were you favourite places to visit and things to do?

Wollaton park will always be my number one answer. I grew up in Wollaton. It’s a beautiful place that holds many happy memories for me.

Nottingham has changed a lot of the last 10 years. The city centre, attractions and opportunities are better than ever.

When you were filming This is England did it portray a Nottingham you are familiar with?

Not really, This is England was set in 1983, the year I was born. It was difficult to relate. Although the close friendships & hanging around the streets was familiar to me.

Do you feel that your journey can offer inspiration to young people growing up in Nottingham today?

I’d hope so. It’s because of the opportunities Nottingham gave me that I’m the actor I am today.

Whilst it hasn’t always been easy it’s all been worth it. Rejection in this industry can get the better of you if you let it. I’m glad I persevered. I feel extremely lucky to be doing the job I love & living in my hometown.

Will your family and friends be coming to see you at the Playhouse?

Yes my partner Jonny, family & friends are coming on the first night! Along with Shane Meadows who I believe is on the front row! No pressure!!

What other projects have you got coming up?

I’m currently filming Line of Duty 4 and have a BBC One 3 part series coming out in the new year called the Replacement.

Will we see you on the Nottingham Playhouse stage again?

Never say never.

Touched will be at Nottingham Playhouse from 17th February till 4th March 2017. For tickets visit: