Multi-Award Winning Production Fleabag Comes To Curve This Month

Multi-Award Winning Production Fleabag Comes To Curve This Month

Fleabag, the multi-award winning production from Soho Theatre associate company DryWrite, performed by Maddie Rice, has performed to sold-out houses across Australia and is currently on a limited UK tour.

Turned into television’s must-see hit of summer 2016, Fleabag began as a one woman show written and performed by Phoebe Waller-Bridge and directed by Verity Bargate Award winning Vicky Jones, DryWrite’s co-Artistic Directors.

In Fleabag the rules are out the window and she’s getting confused. She’s angry, pervy, confrontational, cruel, forgetful, flippant, capricious, but undeniably honest. On the stage over 60 minutes, Fleabag lets us see the world through her eyes as we follow her life, love, loss and heartbreak. This is comedy storytelling at its very best with all the unspoken nitty-gritty of real life. This is the portrait of a girl who isn’t afraid to admit what she thinks is wrong with herself.

Maddie Rice who is taking on the role tells us a little bit more about the show

What is Fleabag?

Fleabag is an award-winning one woman show created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, directed by Vicky Jones, which inspired the acclaimed BBC comedy drama series (Phoebe won a BAFTA for it). It’s a frank, very, very funny and filthy window into the mind of a dry-witted, sex-obsessed, twenty something woman who is struggling to cope with modern life in London and a recent tragedy. Soho Theatre, DryWrite (Phoebe and Vicky are the co-Artistic Directors) and British Council are behind bringing it out to Australia. Soho Theatre and DryWrite are touring it around the UK.

Who is in the show?

I’m performing the role of Fleabag. You’re sort of right there in Fleabag’s head, seeing what she gets up to – or you feel like you are – and as the show goes on, which is very funny and very frank, you realise there’s a lot more going on underneath what she’s saying.

Why should people come and see it?

Because it’s a very funny, affecting and extremely honest about sex, family relationships, dating, grief and the general experience of struggling with life in a big city.

Who would enjoy Fleabag?

There’s something universal about Fleabag. It’s very human – Fleabag’s a complex, flawed, but ultimately endearing character whose feelings and experience of life many will be able to relate to. It will particularly resonate with anyone who has lived in a big city and the struggle for connection that comes with that. It is shockingly funny, sexually candid and delivers an emotional punch so maybe not for the faint hearted.

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