Solihull Fashion Week: Sasha Holt Interviews Host Anton Du Beke

solihull fashion week

Hey fashionistas it’s Sasha your style guide through the fashion wilderness.  Yesterday I attended the VIP launch of Solihull Fashion Week and had the chance to talk to one of its hosts Anton Du Beke.

This master of the snake hips revealed that he is not very good at ‘dressing down’ in the conventional sense.

I met Anton wearing what he called his most ‘casual attire” of a Lanvin jacket,  form fitting Gucci shirt,  7 For All Mankind jeans and blue suede Crockett and Jones shoes. Asking him about his own personal style he admitted that although he is not necessarily into trends and ‘fashion per se’ that he does like clothes with sartorial impact. Whether that be a bit of ‘bling’, a well placed tassel,  or a perfectly tailored suit. We agreed on the concept that you can wear whatever you like as long as you totally  commit to it. Be confidence in your personality shining through your clothes or in Antons words ‘why bother, why don’t we all just be naked’.

Whilst talking about his time as a furniture salesman he told me that , he would always be in a smart suit, shirt and tie, because people buy into the image and person before they make a purchase. I guess it also helps your own confidence , as wearing a well fitting garment,can almost be like armour against the outside world. If you’re strutting your stuff with pride, no one can touch you.

I was interested to know who Antons style inspiration was and as I had already suspected it might be , it was Fred Astaire. Looking back on old footage of Astaire in action you can definitely drwaa comparisons between these two talents from different times. Including ,apparently the same body shape and ‘sloping shoulders’, who knew! Anton expressed his admiration for this legend of the dance world, and when asked which dancer he would love to have performed  with alive or dead again he chose Astaire. ‘ I would have loved to be in a studio with him , creating a routine together and then performing it. That would have been magic.’ You could see these perfectly turned out gents would have been breathtaking to observe.

It’s clear that this is man who knows his own body intimately , each curve and sinew and will only wear pieces that flatter each part. In his clothes he tries to ‘create the sleek lines and silhouette that are important when you’re dancing. He even stated that wearing a tie helps when you are on the dance floor. Everyday is a school day , as I learned that the the humble tie gives you and the lady you are with a guide to positioning.your bodies for the optimum dance silhouette.

Meeting Anton was I pleasantly surprised that he is so much more than sum of his parts on Strictly,  and when it comes to fashion he does have his finger on the pulse of what flatters his physique. With personal tailors in London making suits for his personal and professional life , Anton will always be impeccably turned out for life both on and off the dance floor. My final memory of meeting this dance maestro and his love of fashion will be , his interest in my over the knee boots and requesting a slight lift of the skirt so he see the full snakeskin glory of my footwear. Anton you have a naughty twinkle in you’re eye, but that’s why we all love him isn’t it?