Curve Production of Spring Awakening Review

We review spring awakening at The Curve

On Wednesday 17th August, we were delighted to attend the opening night of Spring Awakening at Curve in Leicester. Our Editor in Chief, Jonathan Fraser went down to have a look, this is what he thought:

I have to admit that when we walked into the opening night of Spring Awakening at Curve with very little idea about what we were actually about to see which, upon reflection, is downright odd as when the original show opened on Broadway it made stars of both Jonathan Groff and Lea Michelle both of whom went on to star in the phenomenon that was Glee- a firm favourite at Sixtynine Towers… And I have to say that I deeply regret not having seen this show before as NYMT’s production at Curve.

Directed by Nikolai Foster, the production  has established Spring Awakening as perhaps one of my favourite musicals with moments of pure musical beauty and raw emotion that I didn’t expect from an amateur production with such a young cast.

Spring Awakening is a rock musical with music by Duncan Sheik and a book and lyrics by Steven Sater. It is based on the German play Spring Awakening (1891) by Frank Wedekind. The story of Spring Awakening is one that we are all familiar with, that pubescent inbetweener stage where everything is a mystery and no one is prepared to reveal the true facts of life. Led by the headstrong and charismatic Melchior Gabor, this group of teenagers are forced to educate themselves on life’s biggest issues and revolt against the adults who suppress them.

The original show was set in late-19th-century Germany but for this production, Foster has set the musical in the DDR of the 1980’s that we’ve seen recently in Deutschland 83 updating it yet, still creating a believable environment for a story that involves the control of information, fear of reputation and of failure.

The cast, made up of young, amateur performers from the National Youth Musical Theatre, is crammed full of the stars of tomorrow. The passion from these young performers was truly inspiring and they provided plenty of ‘goosebump’ moments in the studio. Highlights included the evocative “Touch Me”, the heart-breaking “The Guilty Ones” and the emotional “Left Behind.” Spring Awakening runs at Curve until this Saturday so if you want to see it you’ll need to be quick and, as I’m listening to the Broadway recording for the third time today, it’s safe to say I’d recommend that you do.

Spring Awakening runs at Curve until the 20th Get tickets at