An Audience with Sam Bailey at Echo Factory

An Audience with Sam Bailey at Echo Factory

Echo Factory and Sam Bailey will be hosting an ‘audience with’ event at their newly-opened building. During this intimate setting, which will include industry networking sessions, Sam Bailey will reveal the trials, challenges, highs and lows of winning X Factor and surviving the cut throat music industry in a way that only determined entrepreneurs can.

Many people will not realise that Sam, living and working in Leicester, has parted company with Simon Cowell, after securing a recording deal in 2013 from winning UK talent show, X Factor, and is now independently releasing her music and making a successful career off her own back.

Echo Factory invited established and aspiring creative industry professionals to learn the truth behind the spin of Sam’s career, and take away some vital tips and inspiration which you could apply to your own career path.
The evening will kick off with an exclusive performance of one of Sam’s soon-to-be-released singles with the opportunity to meet Sam in person, at the end of the evening.

This event enhances the variety of industries working amongst Leicester’s Cultural Quarter and provides inspiration for young and aspiring creatives as well as providing insider information for professionals and those working in the creative arts industries.

The event will take place on Tuesday 8th November 6pm – 9pm at Echo Factory (68 Humberstone Gate, Leicester, LE1 3PL). The event will appeal to those who are keen to find out more about Sam’s career, the music industry, the range of roles in the creative and cultural industries and is suitable for artists, musicians, industry professionals, producers and aspiring or emerging young artists.

The event is FREE to enter, however there are limited numbers. Therefore, registration for the event must be made online through or by emailing ([email protected]) to be sent a link.