Everything Tastes Better With Boo!

Everything Tastes Better With Boo. We review Leicester's Boo Burger.

Leicester has seen a huge influx of burgers restaurants over the recent years with a mix of independent and large chain restaurants popping up throughout the city. It’s no secret here at SIXTY9 Magazine that we love our food so when we were invited to try one of Leicester’s newest burger offerings Boo Burger, it didn’t take much to twist the arm of Lilith Hunt-Sheppard.

I have watched Boo Burger on London Road, Leicester take shape on my daily walk to and from the office and must admit the interior of the restaurant had always caught my eye. As we arrived at the restaurant and greeted by Mohammed that is when the interior design really hit me. The restaurant is open, light with a natural and rustic exterior instantly making you feel relaxed and away from the hustle and bustle of one of the city’s main roads.

Mohammed was a gracious host and as he talked to us through the menu before we took our seat to decide what we were going to try. The menu gives just enough choice with different flavours and size options depending on your tastes. Making my way up to order we went for a Triple Haystack and Chick-A-Boo burgers, Buffalo Wings, Sticky Bites and Fries, all washed down with a Vanilla Shake and their hugely popular Peanut Butter Shake.

I will say, we certainly weren’t disappointed! The Haystack burger was cooked well and it was nice to have it built up of thinner patties as opposed to the usual super thick patties of other places. The Chicken in the Chick-A-Boo was tender with a beautiful and crispy coating packed full of flavour, there was a spicy mayo with it which was nice although I do prefer my spice with a little more kick. The warming taste that came through would be suitable for most chilli fans.

Not only do the burgers get a huge thumb up from us, the sides were the perfect accompaniment too. The fries had the right amount of crunch leading to a fluffy centre, the Buffalo wings packed a punch and the Sticky Bites were to die for.

There is nothing but great things that can be said for Boo Burger and it’s easy to see why their Peanut Butter Shake quickly became the talk of the town.

Boo Burger certainly does offer something others don’t, beautifully simple but well executed food coupled with incredible customer service. Boo certainly does have all the right ingredients to make for a great meal out.

Boo Burger. 136 London Road, LE2 1EB Leicester, United Kingdom.