Expect Musical Success not 9 to 5 Regrets at Echo Factory

Expect Musical Success not 9 to 5 Regrets at Echo Factory

Imagine, after many years of 9 to 5 drudgery, you recollect a time when a musical career was your dream. Wistfully, you muse that if you’d really put your mind to it, you could have been a rising star not clocking up miles in your company car.

Many work anniversaries go by and, gazing at your longservice carriage clock, you fondle your moth-eaten t-shirt emblazoned with the peeling logo from your old band. You think back to the days when you could play guitar behind your head à la Hendrix. Now you’d need a warm bath and a vat of Deep Heat if you even thought about “moving like Jagger.”

Perhaps you’re still harbouring a badly produced EP from “when I could have made it big” or stroking a natty poster from one of your few gigs at a local working men’s club. With a sigh of regret, you bundle it all back in the attic – along with the “what ifs” and “maybes.” If you have a burning ambition to be a successful performer or music business professional, it’s never too late to make it happen. Whether you’re a school leaver or fancy a career change, don’t leave it until you’re wondering what might have been.

Echo Factory in Leicester is still accepting last-minute applications for bespoke music career training. The specialist music school actively supports students of all ages to prepare for a future in the industry. Courses boast 1:1 tuition, vocational training geared to individual students’ambitions and the development of all-round skills essential for a successful career.

Director of Studies, Piers Nicholls, said: “Our students come from all backgrounds and experiences. We make sure every chance and opportunity is taken, every endeavour is spotted and our creative projects provide a solid foundation from which to flourish. While we can’t make luck, we can maximise potential.”

Of course, it’s always best to start maximising that potential as soon as possible. But, if studying this year isn’t an option, Echo Factory’s industry professional tutors are on hand to prepare potential students for future intakes through 1:1 instrumental tuition, short courses and masterclasses.

Echo Factory offers professional degrees covering music performance, business and production. Whether you’re an aspiring musician, vocalist, producer or business entrepreneur, you can launch
your new career now.

Contact Echo Factory today to kickstart your musical future: [email protected] 0116 253 5657 [email protected]