Grease is The Word at Curve Leicester

Grease is The Word at Curve Leicester

Curve’s hyyyyydromatic new production of Grease The Musical hits the stage from the 26th November. We headed over to Rydell High headquarters at Curve to chat to Sandy, Jessica Paul and Danny, Dex Lee to find out why they’re hopelessly devoted to the show.

So tell us about the leading characters, Danny and Sandy.

Dex: Danny is on the outside, Mr Cool, top of the class and finds everything very easy but inside he’s just as vulnerable as the rest of us. He is head strong and needs to be the alpha male and that’s his downfall as it almost makes him lose Sandy, the first girl he’s actually ever loved.

Jess: Sandy is a middle class all American girl that’s recently moved to a new place and met a boy, Danny. For me Sandy can be very misjudged as being weak but I think she’s really strong; she doesn’t transform herself for anyone else but for her, she does it on her terms.

Are there any similarities between yourself and the characters in Grease you are playing?

Dex: There are many moments that I have read it and thought oh I’m in a way like him. For example he can be quite a jerk. Maybe that’s why I got cast, clearly Nikolai saw elements of that in me too! (laughs).

Jess: I think I relate to her in a lot of ways as well because I can be quite nervous and self-conscious, but I also have that strength in me. It’s lovely to play a part I can really connect to.

What is it do you think about Grease that makes it so appealing to audiences?

Dex: I think that because it is such a timeless story and that it explores all the emotions that we can all relate to in our lives.
It’s very reminiscent of a simpler time where your biggest worries were about whether someone likes you or getting your homework in on time. At the time it is set in there was massive cultural shift from the very prim and proper 50’s to the rock and roll of the 6o’s.

Jess: All my family are coming to see it and I know my little sister is going to love it – I’m really excited for them to see it.
What’s your favourite part of the show?

Dex: Nikolai our Director has taken songs and parts of the original production from the 1970s and incorporated it into this piece. So I was like this is awesome as well as singing the classic Sandy, I’ve got some songs that people may not have heard before. It’s almost like Grease XL!

Jess: I love the song, Hopelessly Devoted and to be able to sing that on the stage is going to be fantastic.

Grease opens from 26th November and runs until 21st January. For tickets and further information visit or call 0116 242 3595.