Bodega Leicester Opens With A fantastic & Inclusive, Free From Menu.

Bodega Leicester Opens With An Inclusive, Free From Menu.
Bodega Leicester opened last week, bringing with them a carnival of South American flavours across both the food and drinks menu.  Not wanting anyone to miss out on these authentic dishes Bodega has ensured their menu has a range of gluten free and dairy free options plus plenty of vegetarian and vegan offerings.
The regular menu is well “signposted” for veggies to make their choices, with dishes such as the classic roasted vegetable and black bean burrito – you can’t get much more South American than that! Request this dish (or any of their burritos) without certain items and it also be dairy free!  Popular with vegetarians (and pretty much everyone!) are the cream cheese stuffed jalapos, hot and fiery jalapeno peppers with a cooling centre!
Vegan diners can be guided easily over the separate vegan menu to ensure no one goes hungry – the menu is a mix of dishes from the main line, carefully modified by the chef.  Already going down a storm are the tacos – flour tortillas filled with avocado, sweet potato, black beans, pico de gallo salsa with toasted pine nuts accompanied by the Mango Salad Mango, baby mixed leaves, cherry tomatoes, pumpkin seeds & sweetcorn with a raspberry vinaigrette.
Gluten free does not mean fun free at Bodega! The menu has been created to ensure that their dishes can satisfy not just dietary requirements but taste desires too! Such as the Bodega favourite Lomo Saltado – a Peruvian classic influenced by Chinese culture – marinated steak, potatoes and onions flash fried in a wok with fresh herbs, soy sauce, red wine and a shot of Pisco. Take a side of grilled halloumi, infused with mint and cilantro with fresh pineapple salsa and you’ve got South American on a plate with no hint of a ‘special diet’.
Still not sure? Just ask any of the friendly and well trained team and they’ll guide you over the options, as everything is made fresh! 
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