Local urban artist invited to exhibit at major London exhibition

Local urban artist invited to exhibit at major London exhibition

TIM FOWLER, a Leicester-based artist who creates bold, colourful, textured paintings of figures from popular culture, has been invited to exhibit at the ING Discerning Eye Exhibition 2017 (Mall Galleries, 16-26 November).

Tim’s artistic practice involves taking recognisable images and then distorting them with strong colour and abstract elements.  Using varied combinations of acrylic, enamel, gloss, spray paint, ink, graffiti paints, oil sticks and marker pens, he produces striking portraits of figures as diverse as Audrey Hepburn and the Krays.

Tim Fowler, The Krays

He has exhibited at a number of venues in Leicester – LCB Depot, Fabrika Independent Art Centre, and New Walk Museum – as well as travelling further afield with a solo show at London Westbank Gallery and a place in the Smile Britannia Charity Auction at the Houses of Parliament.  The Auction brings together work by the UK’s best contemporary and urban artists – Banksy and Turner Prize Winner Richard Long, to name just two – and auctions it off to raise money for humanitarian projects taking place around the globe.

Tim was invited by fellow urban artist and social media sensation Elmo Hood to exhibit at the ING Discerning Eye Exhibition, a show of small works independently selected by prominent figures from different areas of the art world.  Tim is currently doing an artist takeover of the Exhibition’s dedicated Instagram (@ingdiscerningeye) – do take a look!