Make Your Own Kind of Music, Get a Head Start in the Music Industry at Echo Factory

Make Your Own Kind of Music, Get a Head Start in the Music Industry at Echo Factory

I’m currently knitting a bobble hat. I’ve gone wrong three times and it’ll probably be misshapen, but I’ll wear it with pride because it’ll be my creation. It’ll be unique. Perfect for keeping snug as I crunch through jewelled leaves or for protecting my music-loving ears (and earphones) from snow.

An oversized beanie should also dampen the sound of the “Now That’s What I Call Festive Fodder” album that’s been booming from every store since October. Bring on the new generation of musicians to brighten up winter with some refreshing tunes!

If you’re an aspiring performer, producer or music business professional but life is like a stuck record, it’s time to plan how you’re going to achieve your music career dreams. Why not dodge the frantic elbow-barging shoppers, seek sanctuary with a soul-warming hot chocolate and start goal-setting for 2018? Sometimes it’s in these quiet, reflective moments of darker days when we look to glimmers of light for the future.

If music is your passion, there’s a specialist music school in Leicester ready to help turn your ambition into a career reality. Sixty9 popped in to find out how the new term’s going…

At Echo Factory, we find the latest promising degree students in full swing; determined to absorb and apply the expert knowledge and skills imparted by their industry professional tutors. Performance students are already getting paid work on stages across the city and music business students are developing entrepreneurial skills through managing projects within the creative industries.

Director of Studies, Piers Nicholls, told us: “An Echo Factory degree is proof of engagement with the key challenges of working in music. Technical know-how, up-to-date techniques and tools, as well as creative and ‘open to challenges’ attitudes, are features of those who succeed.”

Just like a handcrafted hat, leaves and snowflakes; no two Echo Factory students are the same. Each possesses unique skills, talents and dreams that are nurtured and encouraged on a 1:1 basis. From initial enquiry through to graduation and beyond, Echo Factory respects every student’s individual journey to musical triumph.

Nicholls added: “New students reflect remarkable diversity and range. Although from differing backgrounds and places, the commitment and collaborative zeal points to the same ends – savvy success.”

Ready to get ahead in performance, production or music business? For music careers advice, 2018 applications, or to book a bespoke visit, contact: [email protected] 0116 253 5657. Follow @EchoFactoryUK

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