Be a Mover and Shaker in the Music Industry

Be a Mover and Shaker in the Music Industry at Echo Factory

Imagine sitting in a bar and ordering a mojito. The waiter only gives you a glass of ice. When you complain, he points to the bar and says, “Sorry, that bartender is only trained in serving ice.” You
send it back. The waiter returns with just ice and mint. “Our other bartender only does garnish,” he explains. A bar employing one trick ponies won’t last long.

Today’s competitive music industry is the same. It’s not enough to be a ‘singer,’ ‘producer’ or ‘manager.’ Music professionals need a cocktail of skills. They require all the ingredients for a successful career.

In Leicester, there’s a music school with a difference where industry experts train their students for the evolving future. Echo Factory graduates are not bystanders. They are makers, performers and creatives, well-prepared for the real music industry.

Echo Factory delivers bespoke degrees covering music performance, business and production validated by the University of Wolverhampton. Sixty-Nine Degrees dropped in to Echo Factory’s end-of-year Collaborative Music performance to find out more…
As it was assessment day for the first-year performance students, we expected a tense scene straight from the X Factor holding pen. Instead, we entered Echo’s industrial chic chill-out zone to find calm, prepared students excitedly chatting with their tutors. Piers Nicholls, Director of Studies, said: “We nurture each student on a 1:1 basis and support their individual journeys. Our students are unique beings with potential and they unite with Echo Factory to achieve their goals. Even our entry auditions and interviews are encouraging and welcoming. At Echo Factory, we prefer an enabling model, not a harsh approach.”

Inside Echo Factory’s impressive live venue, we were amazed by the polished, professional performances given by the student band on stage. The musicians were versatile, dynamic and exuded confidence.
Nicholls said: “What is most exceptional is how our students have moved forwards in terms of competence, knowledge and temperament. They have achieved a sense of belonging with the music. Our students are doers, not just learners. Graduates must be robust and ready for the challenges of the music industry. We give them the skills, knowledge and expertise to deal with that.”
Ready to create a stir in the music industry? Echo Factory are still accepting applications for their
September 2017 courses.

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