The Shed In Leicester under new management after 22 years

The Shed In Leicester under new management after 22 years

One of Leicester’s best loved music venues, The Shed, will be under new management from 1 January 2017 as Dreaming in Colour Productions announce that they will be taking over the reigns as well as investing in a full refurbishment at the venue. The Shed, based on Yeoman Street, first opened in 1994 and has played a vital part in the city’s music scene since that time.

Dreaming in Colour Productions is owned and managed by young entrepreneur Elisabeth Barker Carley (aged 25), who has worked tirelessly in the music industry from a young age and has a strong personal connection to The Shed. This Leicester based music promotions and management company have their headquarters on Humberstone Gate and already successfully promote events throughout Leicestershire and beyond.

Elisabeth stated, “I first started going to The Shed when I was 14 and it’s there that my love of live music really began. (current owner of The Shed) Kev has taught me a lot of what I know now, and I owe an awful lot to him for his support and guidance over the years when I was finding my feet as a music promoter in the city.”

Kev, has run The Shed since it opened in 1994, and commented, “Having opened The Attik in 1985 and then The Shed in 1994 I’m delighted that live music will be continuing at the venue and am especially happy that the running of this will now be passed on to someone who grew up coming to shows at The Shed. I know Elisabeth loves the venue as much as me and I’m delighted to see her taking the venue forward.”

The Shed has been a cornerstone of the Leicester music scene with countless local acts playing their first gigs at the venue as well as bigger touring acts making it a stop on their route. Names who have performed there include Ellie Goulding and Kasabian.

Dreaming in Colour Productions Managing Director, Elisabeth, added, “The Shed is an integral part of the music industry – not only in Leicester but in the UK scene as a whole. It’s one of the longest running venues around with so much history from the many bands having found their live performing feet there. I just wish the walls could speak.”

It’s such an honour for me personally to be taking this venue on. I hope we do it justice with the acts that we’ll be bringing in. Our first job will be an extensive refurbishment in the new year. We hope to maintain a lot of The Shed’s existing character, but with a fresh look, so here’s to another 22 years, and more.

The Shed’s final event under its current management will be on New Year’s Eve before the venue will close for refurbishment. Dreaming in Colour Productions plan to reopen the venue in April 2017 with a full exciting lineup of events.

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