Newly-Weds And Would-Be Landlord Among The Happy Buyers At Waterfront Housing Development In Leicester

Newly-weds And Would-be Landlord Among The Happy Buyers At Waterfront Housing Development In Leicester

A recently-married couple looking for a new home and a young woman who’d intended to rent out her new home but decided to live there instead are just some of the many happy purchasers at Wolsey Island, Westleigh Homes’ landmark development in Leicester.

Having wed in July 2017, Financial Services Contractor Usamah (26) and
Personal Tutor Rukhsar (24) fell in love with the development of two, three and four-bedroom homes between the east bank of the River Soar and the Grand Union Canal.

“It wasn’t until we visited that we realised just how much we liked the two bedroom Mitchell,” Usamah explains.

“Not only do we love new-build properties and all the conveniences
that come with them, we felt that the development was ideally located for
work in the city centre, and with both mine and Rukhsar’s parents living
nearby, it became clear that this was the right place for us.

“The fact that the house is right on the waterfront and is in such a picturesque setting had a big impact on our decision to buy,” Usamah continues.

“Also, the inclusion of driveway parking was a luxury that really appealed to us.” Preeya Chauhan, a 31-year-old HR Adviser for Leicester Hospitals, had
originally invested in her two-bedroom Mitchell at Wolsey Island to let the
property out to potential renters – but she hadn’t banked on her liking the
house so much.

“I went to see the Mitchell and I absolutely loved it, so I ditched my plans
to rent it out and set myself on making a move to the development!
“It’s just the perfect size for me, and I especially like the amount of room that’s available in the kitchen/diner, where I know I’ll have lots of fun cooking!

“The living room also has a really homely feel to it and I can’t wait to
have friends over.”

“I’m really excited to make the house my own and enjoy all the freedom that
comes with it.”

Prices for two and three bedroom homes are now available at Wolsey Island, in Leicester starting from £206,950.

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