Put Down The Smartphone And Explore The Analogue With Leicester Lo-fi Photography

Put Down The Smartphone And Explore The Analogue With Leicester Lo-fi Photography

This Spring, Leicester Lo-Fi Photography is holding a series of workshops exploring and celebrating analogue photography from the 19th Century to the modern day. Three separate 6-week courses held over the next five months will investigate portraits, Victorian photography and the weird and wonderful world of the ‘Toy Camera’. It’s the perfect opportunity to put down your smartphone, and learn the science and history behind the camera.

From February to March, the Portraits course will cover some of the basics needed for portraiture, including exploring different lighting techniques, best ways to pose models and the use of light meters. Using a variety of film cameras and types, participants will then be shown the basics of producing black and white prints in the darkroom.

Victorian photographer course – processing Cyanotype

The Victorian Photographer course will transport participants to the dawn of photography, with hands-on evenings experimenting with early techniques to make cyanotypes, calotypes and salt prints; processes very familiar to early Victorian photographers. Starting with contact prints, the six-week course will finish with the production of portraits.

Plastic Fantastic Cameras will explore the use of inexpensive and playful toy cameras such as the LOMO series that offer many creative possibilities. Choose from a range of cameras (experiment with a fish-eye lens or even take four sequential images a split second apart to create a picture in the same frame), come on a series of photo walks and learn how to process your films. After, why not submit your images to Leicester Lo-Fi’s zine, Dev Stop & Fix?

Plastic Fantastic Cameras

Formed in 2011 by four like-minded photography enthusiasts, Leicester Lo-Fi embraces the traditional aspects of photography. Initially holding events and workshops in spaces they could convert toilets and cupboards into darkrooms, they have now found a home on Western Road in the Westcotes area of the city.

As well as holding workshops, they have a fully equipped darkroom offering black and white printing. They can process black and white and colour films and have facilities to process most sizes of film. Members gain reduced rates on evening darkroom sessions and film processing.

For further information about Leicester Lo-Fi Photography visit: www.leicesterlofi.co.uk

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